Friday, August 13, 2010

Life's Lessons

Anger and resentment are two of my lessons in life. Anger was caused by a lack of faith and resentment caused by a lack of satisfaction. Faith and Satisfaction (acceptance) open the inner heart and open the flow of energy to the upper chakras.

Anger is a disturbance that often sparks due to discomfort. It comes from feeling un-grounded and off-center. It comes from an overwhelming inbalance. Anger is a form of emotional communication, an energy that is powerful but is best channeled into pursuits involving energy. Sports, Dancing, Music etc etc. Anger is caused by an inbalance of the root chakra, sometimes sacral chakra. It is instinctual survival response (root chakra). Or, it may be sparked by relationships with others or our relationship with our self (sacral chakra).

The solution to anger is to find the heart, listen to the heart, express from the heart, and love dissolves anger. To listen to the heart, one has to know they are not alone. One finds faith. Faith that you are protected and that you are loved always. Faith opens the heart which unifies and dissolves first and second chakra blockages. The energy that was translated into anger by the lower chakras still remains, and that is best transmuted into physical activity to heal the physical inbalance and music to heal the emotional inbalance.

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