Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some thoughts

First I wanted to share that today the actions perfromed in service that helped reinforce the Law of One. Someone was driving around with a car license plate half off. They needed screws. I had extra screws in my wallet from when I changed license plates a while back. I asked him if he would like screws (free will), and he said yes he would love some. I provided him free screws; it felt good to give. I described to him how the license plate gets re-attached. This was an act of love. Both free will and love in harmonic balance.

Later today there was a speed camera zone (a speed trap) set up. I warned drivers by flashing the lights before they entered the zone, saving them a big ticket. Another act of love. Free will was assumed here, as it was an emergency situation where I could not ask. The same would go with healing a person in a coma (although I would ask the person's higher self first).

I saw them as the other self, and I saw them as me. We were together in it and it was easy to give to the other self which was myself. Also I decided to donate to bring4th.org the other day and was instantly paid back the money spent when Lulu's sales came in. What I gave, instantly returned. The balance of the universe. The same thing happened the other day when I gave to one family member via money transfer, I got the same money back from another family member via the mail/post without asking- the same day!

Okay now my wisdom thoughts (Law of One):

The Law of One has 3 basic tenets: Unity/Oneness with Creation, Respect of Free Will, Unconditional Universal Love

Some more additions: Being accepting (saying thank you, happy to receive, happiness with what you have, happiness with who you are) and being generous (happy to give, happy to share, happy to be of service) attracts abundance

Stay balanced in all bodies and all planes: If you car needs repair, fix it (work on the physical plane because it keeps your root chakra unblocked so more energy can flow from root back up to all chakras- think of the trees blog I posted). If you are sad/depressed/angry work on your emotions. Find the inner child. Love the inner child. Be forgiving of yourself and of others. You unblock the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart this way.

No one chakra is more important, but to get the fruit harvest you need to have a strong tree so each step of the way is important.

Prayer and Faith- Commune with God/Creator. Have faith you are 100% protected and loved. Pray for blessings. Be grateful for blessings. Keep the love circuit going.

Devotion to service to others polarity/vows. Vow to the Creator. Devote to the creator. Offer to the Creator yourself as an Instrument of the Creator's Will. You are a vessel of the Creator. All things are possible when you believe.

Perserverance/Will/Focus/Attention to Detail- Work the narrow path and you will receive what you work in return- blessings you earned.

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