Monday, August 9, 2010

More about the Energy Body

This is in reference to the video The Energy Body and the Law of One in the last blog post.

Energy travels from the feet (negative pole) through the kundalini channel out the crown (positive pole). Energy moves in a spiral vortex motion as it flows through the chakras. If you are transmitting or receiving information to/from the inner planes you may feel vortex motion at the ears (minor chakras) or at the third eye/mind's eye. Additionally the crown is sometimes bathed in spiritual Light and it prickles as energy movement is felt. The mind's eye and above/near the ears throb as well. A physical earth counterpart of the energy you receive can be likened to the northern or southern lights (energy bathing) and earthquakes/volcanoes (kundalini rise and flow of energy). I have noticed that energy bathing happens when light is not completely grounded, and it grounds in the hands and feet and enters the feet and flows upward when it is fully grounded. Our energy bodies are designed to take in only what we need.

Our energy bodies may store ungrounded energy from spiritual showers/bathing in our fields until we have reached a level of purity for manifestation of the light packets on earth. At that point the energy enters the feet and flows through the chakras. It is interesting that our upper chakras (crown, third eye, throat) can detect energy from the inner planes even when it has not entered our body but exists in our fields. The lower chakras cannot detect the energy until it has entered our body. The heart chakra is the main attractor of energy outside our bodies/from the inner planes. If the heart is enlarging, the energy is attracted to our fields and we feel energy close to us via our upper chakras. If the heart has reached a level of purity, the energy will enter the feet cleanse the lower chakras, enlarge the heart chakra further and cleanse the upper chakras. As spiritual light enters it brings the purity of your soul/monad. The more pure your chakras are due to influx of light, the more your crown opens like a flower and the more whole you become.

You may ask, why we don't receive the energy all it once? Think about the sun and sunlight. Too much sun would burn everything up without grounding/integration of sunlight. But gradual sunlight will heat up slowly without causing damage to the body (to a point) and allow for integration of sunlight. Kind of like the difference between a tan and a sunburn. The same is with Light and your bodies (physical and etheric). As above, so below.

Update to this blog 8/10/10- I just read a fascinating chapter from Carla Rueckert's book- Living the Law of One 101: The Choice available at It is about how the chakras exist in both the outer world and inner planes. The lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus) are related to our mind and body and its functioning in our physical world and they are found in our space/time. The heart chakra has an outer and inner "courtyard." The outer courtyard (space/time) is related to the physical world and being loving on the physical world. The inner courtyard (time/space) of the heart chakra is related to loving unconditionally and deeply loving yourself and forgiving yourself and others. It is related to facing your shadow side and giving it unconditional love. It is overcoming judging and being accepting. The inner courtyard of the heart chakra is connected to the inner planes (time space). So the heart chakra exists in both the outer (space/time) and inner worlds (time/space). It is the gateway to the upper chakras and the inner planes, the world of intuition and spirit. The throat, mind's eye/third eye, and crown chakra are the upper chakras and relate to the inner planes (time/space). They are accessed through spirit, intuition and the gate of the inner heart. This would explain why energy is received in the body first in the lower chakras (space/time) but first felt through the upper chakras (time/space) since the energy is coming from the inner planes (time/space) and manifesting into the outer physical world (space/time).

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