Thursday, September 2, 2010

Books in hardcover now

I am happy to report that both Manifest Divinity Through Reiki and the Living Light are in hardcover now. The hardcover is longer lasting on the bookshelf but I still think the paperback is easier to read as the spine is more flexible. But lasting is a good thing as a hand-me-down book. You can give the hard cover or paperback book to your great-great-grandchildren and they will still receive the attunements. The attunements wait in the spheres of light for infinite years before they are called down because they are stored at higher self/spirit level beyond the impermanence of this density.

Hardcover is $10 more than paperback. They have both been approved for distribution and by either the end of the month or October the hardcover varieties should be on Amazon. By the way I did find the paperback varieties on and and had the first editions but they should be overwritten once the hardcovers update on their database. Kindle versions are available on all sites as well.

Hardcovers are available now at and Chris Comish's books

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