Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Timeline of an incarnation

Chris Comish, a history:


Chris Comish six years prior to awakening, highly immersed in the Ego, 2000 (link above)

Prior to 2001 Chris is veiled and unawakened but has odd interest in parts of the Bible and in the Stars

Lynne broke up with Chris a few months after this photo and got together with his friend Pete from college, 2001

2001-2003 Chris is in the role of sitting on the fenceline (undecided)

Chris almost died in 2002 due to near car accident (too fast on the autobahn with sportscar)

Chris deployed to War in 2003 and has bad feelings about his purpose there

Chris almost died in 2004 due to near car accident (hydroplaning on water, vehicle spun around at high rate of speed)

2004-2006 Chris shifts to role as aspiring student

Lynne was killed in a car accident on November 14, 2005- car slid on ice and fell off cliff into icy creek. Cause of death blunt trauma and drowning

Chris got his first Reiki healing in Summer of 2006 introducing him to spiritual energy

Chris vows to God to be of service to all beings

Chris left the Army in 2006 at the rank of Captain for a greater spiritual service & purpose

2007-2008 Chris shifts to role as Student

Chris found out about the passing of Lynne in 2007

Chris decided to bridge the spiritual world and physical world by learning after life contact techniques from Steve Murray in 2007

2007 Chris contacts the spiritual earth (lifting the veil)

2007 Chris takes every Reiki attunement he is able to

Chris contacted Lynne and attempted to pass messages 2007-2009 (Chris received 3-6th initiations) Lynne was in 4D

2008 Chris takes Lightarian series

2008-2009 Chris contacts the solar, galactic and universal levels for the first time (beyond ring pass not)

2009 Chris takes Axiatonal Lines Connection

2009 Chris begins attuning others on Ning sites

2009 Chris believes he will pass into Light, but does not. Sanat Kumara explains he has a greater purpose and more work to do.

2009-2010 Chris writes his first 6 books, attuning the world and Chris also begins the City of Shamballa social network to reach more

2009-2010 Chris shifts to role as Teacher

Chris purified Lynne in 2010 after learning the Medicine Buddha Ritual (Chris received 7th initiation). Lynne is now in 5D+ and blessed

Chris got in touch with Pete over the internet, called him and forgave him in 2011. They are friends again

2011 Chris shifts to role as Guide

2011 Chris finishes his 6 Ascension Rays books sharing Rays with the world

Chris continues sharing Divinity with the world and purifying all and also refining himself to be of the greatest service to all beings
(Chris working on 8th initiation)

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