Sunday, November 6, 2011


In 2009 I had a vision where my Qan Dek lightbody was providing abundant resources and food to people starving in Africa and other places in the world. I thought to myself, how is that going to happen, I can't afford to fly to Africa. Was I teleporting and appearing in my lightbody there? I saw my lightbody there in the vision. Then I learned about teleportation. I couldn't physically do it, but I could project my consciousness somewhere, but still didn't know how to help others around the world like in my vision. In 2011, I finally set up a system where funds were received and then some of the funds donated to charity. Then I donated to a few charities for disaster relief where the money feeds starving people in Africa. Last night as I was watching the movie about water and its memory properties and ability to change it to help others, my hands activated and I felt a download of my higher self. Then today I donated some more funds to charity and I felt great joy pouring into me. My higher self poured more into me as I manifested the vision from 2009.

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