Monday, November 21, 2011

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  1. Spirits use telepathy & visions & feelings...they can also use radio waves/TV signals/magnetics, mirrors, and air/water to communicate to you. Also sometime they can use animals to pass you messages when I posted my last afterlife contact in my blog, I posted about how I keep my ex-girlfriend's sadness alive by giving the vision energy from my own thoughts and feelings. It is something called astral shells. No consciousness, just imprinted thoughts and feelings. Unresolved stuff creates these shells who wait for you to resolve them. The more energy you provide sad feelings, the more a sad face might appear. Hard to explain. But anyway, she was happy and not sad, it was my mind's illusion, I was picking up from the astral plane but not the spirit plane. That is why you clear, listen and don't expect. Also it is important to purify them with the death/dying purification ritual before contacting so you don't get dragged down by astral sadness or other stuff. If they are not free of their unresolved emotions/thoughts they can bring you into it. Better to let Medicine Buddha and Archangel Michael clear them first. Then you will meet them and they will be happier. They will be free and there will much less to resolve.