Monday, October 15, 2012

Chris Comish's book updates

Busy busy...just learned it is almost impossible to get a book to a movie without swarms of agents (literary & film including the backing of a big publisher)...but I have a few tricks up my sleeve: #1 is marketing my pitch to the entertainment industry based on book to film adaption. #2 Amazon Studios has an option of uploading a screenplay, so once I finish a screenplay of my book I can move into option 2- for those thinking to start making a screenplay off my book and beat me to the chase- sorry but I own the copyright to my book and have the rights to make the screenplay, unless you are a screenwriter and want to buy the rights? then we could negotiate. Anyway, Amazon acts like the agent (middle person) in that case (#2). Considering Amazon's weight and also that they just signed an agreement with Warner Brothers, if I work both routes #1 / #2 simultaneously it might get somewhere. PS on another note, my books are trickling into Google Play. Over the next few weeks I will upload epub files for all of them. So I welcome a new retailer (Google)!

The last Earth Gate paperback was approved for distribution to retailers. Once the audiobook comes out (Nov-Dec 12), the Earth Gate will be fully published.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading.

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