Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Earth Gate [Audible Audio Edition]

Can humanity be saved? Welcome to a cosmic saga of epic proportions.

The Earth Gate takes you on a magical adventure from Earth to the City of Shamballa, the solar system and the center of the galaxy and beyond. Follow the characters Ra-Sol-El, Qan Rahn, Master Sirius-Ra, Elohim Ha-ar-El, Sophia Magdelena and Yin Dek as they venture through the cosmos and experience life in the fifth dimension.

The Earth Gate is a journey through the portal of life filled with action, suspense and love as the characters discover multiple other dimensions and how to influence the physical world. Little do they know, there are beings known as the Slavers from Orion who will do anything to stop the reunification of planet Earth with the cosmos. Let the journey begin.

©2012 Chris Comish; (P)2012 Chris Comish

Now as an audio book!

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