Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project Camelot: Interview with George Kavassilas

Finally watched both, even though the odds were against me

It seems to be that way when I get to higher dimensional thinking, I guess it is the illusion's reaction...

A couple of observations:

First of all, discernment is advised, if something doesn't resonate with you let it fall away

Second, I agree with his connection with Avalon/Shamballa, I agree with the oneness views and the heart

Third, I disagree with the David Ickisms. The whole discussion about greys and draco reptilians makes me sick. Maybe it is a part of 4D, but I don't resonate with fear based thinking. I think discernment is advised there.

Fourth, the whole discussion about staying in the heart and ignoring outside connections with entities and the chakras being 4D and tentacles coming in during healings....discernment is advised. First of all, if you call for help that is of unconditional love and light (add the clause at the end)...then you don't have to worry about imposters or entities entering your space. I call upon the Arcturians for Light activations, nothing disempowering about that. You just have to keep the love vibration and include your free will choice to be where you wish to be. That link wasn't discussed. I call for Archangel Michael's help and continue to do it. Now, I do not only rely on outside help, I also involve my free will in the process....maybe that is his point, I don't know. As far as calling for Light to move through the chakras, again, if your intent is of unconditional love, you involve the heart vibration in the intent, bringing Light in can only help you. Now if you only intend to bring Light from higher dimensions but do not express the love portion in the intent, then you might open yourself to imposters. Imposters do not like love. Just be love. Just what I said in my discernment video.

As far as tagging for harvest, I disagree with the use of the word harvest. If you read the Quo channeling, the harvest is movement into 5D. I agree with him that we are moving into 5D but not with his use of the harvest. For him the harvest means us all waiting for someone to save us, like light ships coming, or the second coming of the Christ as another Jesus coming which I can see why he has a negative stance because of the disempowering view that is...I view the harvest as we save outselves, we are all of the Christ, and that is how we move into 5D....George K and I seem to resonate on a heart level just not a mental level

As far as Reiki and Chakras being 4D. That is subjective. His experience was not as profound regarding Reiki, and everyone has their own individual path. May be it wasn't for him. His path was more of a public teacher. Reiki and Chakras are in 4D (such as chi balls and the 7 chakras) but I believe Reiki and Chakras are also in 5D+ (such as soul star chakra, solar, galactic, cosmic group body chakras). You can't discount healing energies, they are beyond 4D. But his discussion about people going to healers because they are sick and can't be healed by medicine, that is 4D yes. In 5D we are all whole, light, love and one group consciousness. We are already healed, from the perspective of 3D. From the perspective of Source, we still have more refinement to do.

I do not understand Star Gates activation. Do they all activate and then Earth turns into Light and we are then in the Light and 5D? I don't imagine myself running to find a Star Gate to walk through to ascend to escape the Earth changes. That is very unnatural. I think it is a flow, that when each person's vibration matches 5D they will ascend and some will cross into the Light into the Earth already there and some will catch the stragglers, but all will ascend. Again, just my perspectives.

I agree with his 5D discussions, but I feel he dwells a little too much on 4D fear based thinking (the moon talk what is that?). But I do resonate with him on a 5D level and maybe the 4D talk is just teaching for us in 3D and 4D to understand how to discern and how to enter the heart and oneness.

Anyway, we will all get there no matter how the journey takes us. Love to you all.

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  1. Well that was more than a couple of observations. LoL =)