Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Purification Once Again

So this blog post has to do with another difficult decision I made today. I made the decision to purify both Rudy Eugene and his victim Ronald Poppo.

For background, the entire article is here:

I sent Ronald healing and protection today for his highest good. My hand was full of energy, which meant it was badly needed. I sent it with the intent it is received as long as needed regardless how long I sent it.

Then I intended Ronald was escorted into the Light once he departs his body. Archangel Michael told me, he will be in the Light and is already there once he passes.

Finally  I was reserved about purifying Rudy because of his attacks, but Source reminded me to "Be Love" which reminded me of a quote: be universal love, like the sun, shining on all things....which reminded me to question myself...why should I withdraw love? Does Source do that? Then I played the background music from the video Green Tara Seichim Reiki Attunement to get me in the mood and released all judgment, merging everything into the Oneness perspective.

Then I set my protection through intention and visualization invoking Archangel Michael and his circle of warrior angels, Archangel Metatron and the Metatronic Cube, Flower of Life, Star of David symbols, then invoked only the highest presence of love and light from Source to be allowed in my space. Then I invoked all solar, galactic, universal masters of the highest love and light to assist me perfectly with this purification. Then I invoked Medicine Buddha and began the process. Long story short Rudy was purified but during the Buddha of Ocean step, two black spirits departed his etheric body in the afterlife and were contained by a force field from the warrior angels and sent to the negative density realms with the seal of Metatron preventing their escape to Earth or other realms again. Then he was escorted, rather wounded into the light, he will go the Shamballa hospital for healing since the black spirits overcame him so much that he became a possessed monster.

Using drugs or not, he was possessed by these things and tormented on Earth. This was perhaps a soul lesson for both of them.

 Regardless, it was difficult for me to release the mind, but it was done.