Thursday, June 6, 2013

The City of Shamballa trademark

The City of Shamballa is now a registered trademark. What does this mean? For those that are new to trademark and copyright law, what it means is that The City of Shamballa when used in the context of a social network is trademark protected. It will continue to exist as a social network as it is now protected. You may ask, can I still talk about the City of Shamballa? Of course, you can write all you want about the spiritual city. In general, The City of Shamballa in its context outside of a social network can be discussed as much as you want online or offline. This just means other City of Shamballa Social Networks aren't allowed when they use the words "The City of Shamballa." This keeps the network unique and keeps it pure. This action keeps it running for a long time and within the bounds of free will.