Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dream and more

I had an interesting dream. I seem to remember dreams best when I wake up an hour before I wake up and then fall back to sleep and then wake up when I am supposed to. But anyway. Where I work there is a place to eat called Ray's Diner and a Flower shop called The Boutique or something. Anyway, as with most dreams the names got crossed. So I had a dream about a Ray's Boutique. I was called and asked if I would accept a delivery of flowers at my work. I said at first it wasn't mine and then I had courage and said I will take the delivery since it was intended for me. That was a higher self lesson on acceptance and faith.

Fast forward to waking life. I saw a valentine's day candy on the table left over from last month. It had the words No Doubt on them. I had earlier prayed that everything would work out perfectly with my move. It was a message not to doubt and to have faith. My themes of the last few years have been faith, compassion and acceptance. I feel a major initiatory step will approach once I complete the move and show absolute faith that I am accepted by the universe and that the universe has compassion for me.

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