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Wisdom- Steps to finding the Divine within

Pray to the Divine, have faith in the Divine  Connect with the Divine (Meditation/Solfeggio frequencies/attunements/healing etc.)  See the Divine using Higher Sight  Communicate with the Divine telepathically  Look for clues the Divine leaves- numbers, lyrics of songs etc.  Surround yourself with Loving music and TV (romance/comedy are good)- This raises the vibration of your emotional body and subconscious.  Surround yourself with Loving people.  Be brave to lift a negative person up by helping them find Love (in alignment with free will). This lifts the vibration of the collective.  Have right thought/mind, right words, right action.  Keep healthy boundaries. Respect another and respect self.  Reciprocate- Give Love and Receive Love.  Every day have an affirmation- Today is a great day, all is perfect, all is well, all will be well, Today I am happy, Today I make others happy- This heals the mental body and the subconscious.  Be love to self and others (forgive self and others, help

Divine Laws

#1 – The Law of Free Will (Free Will exists, and We all have Free Will that must be respected.....Also allows the Choice for positive or negative polarity.)  #2 – The Law of Cause and Effect (also known as Karma or the Law of Balance) #3 – The Law of Divine Compensation (Good deeds will be rewarded, Be Open to Receive from all sources both seen and unseen, The Law of Attraction- Take action steps and then be open to receive)  #4 – The Law of Grace (You are graced with miracles beyond your imagination, Express gratitude for Grace)  #5 – The Law of Oneness (Everything and Everyone is connected. Everything we do has a ripple effect which affects the collective. Life is Many and the One, Life is Unity in Diversity. We are all One.)  #6 – The Law of Divine Intervention (Prayer and Forgiveness for Self and Others, the Divine is here to support you)  #7 – The Law of Correspondence (As Above, So Below)  #8 – The Law of Absolution (Life has lessons that are full of opportunities)  #9 – The Law

Love Playlist

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