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Free Will Spheres

I have been contemplating this recently, as several events have been happening for me this week. I had some wake up calls that reminded me that sometimes spirit has to find the easiest way around the mind and allow it to flow like water around the rocks. We live on Earth so do not be dismayed when others do not accept your views or ways. Earth is a density that is further from Source than other densities. It is more dense because it is further away from Light. The Light, The Source is all encompassing Love, and enormous oneness, a "glue of the universe". This Light cannot be mistaken or "copied" by other shapeshifting false ones. The key element is encompassing Love. You know you belong and you feel it and you are drawn to the Light, propelled there. There is no mind involvement in the process, it is spirit attracted to Spirit. It is. And you sense it. Anyway, this encompassing Love and Light birthed our realm and it densified as it grew further away from Sour

The City of Shamballa website was temporarily down

On September 10th the City of Shamballa website was temporarily down for 4 hours due to the domain name provider Go Daddy being temporarily down. Here is what happened: According to one source speaking to ZDNet, GoDaddy's DNS servers are not resolving forcing many websites offline. In many cases, even if the site is not hosted by GoDaddy itself, the DNS servers are down and cannot point the user to the correct page. Some parts of the website appeared to be working again at 4 p.m. ET. At just after 6 p.m. ET, GoDaddy said in a tweet that it was "still working" on the ongoing issues and that the firm was "making progress." Source Last night I sent Reiki to the situation and invoked AA Michael and the warrior angels to resolve this perfectly for the highest good of all. I checked today and City of Shamballa is back up! Thanks to the Divine for helping Go Daddy! Nam