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The City of Shamballa

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The other day there was a long discussion with someone at my work. We were talking about why certain beings appear and many other things. Also about channeling and connection to the spiritual world. This blog is general and about my experience. Your experience may be different so please as always with everything use discernment. Basically when a person first embarks upon meditation and wishes to connect to the spiritual world there may be resistance from the mind. Confused colors and images fly around until the mind has settled and surrendered. Depending on what you do before meditation makes a big impression on the mind and its resistance. If you listen to loving soft music or watch movies full of love, you attract love in your vibration and that is impressed upon the mind. If you watch scary horror movies, the fear is in your vibration and is impressed upon the mind. The spirit world has its doorway in Earth and through the heart and mind. The soul/higher self is in the spiri

Daily protection

Writing this blog to give you an idea of some daily protective rituals that I do. You may choose to emulate or do you own. Before I start my car I pray to Archangel Michael that I am perfectly protected from all harm and all ill will today for my highest and greatest good. I place the cho ku rei symbol on myself and watch blue light from Archangel Michael swirl around me 3 times. Then I repeat the process for my car, then for my wife, then for my daughter, then for my wife's car. Then I drive and while commuting to work I place the cho ku rei symbols and blue light of Archangel Michael on those I feel that need it....if there are distortions or if there is imbalance. Examples: accidents, cars on the side of the road needing towing or help, people driving too fast/tailgating, trucks that pull out in front of fast moving cars etc. Also I do this for ambulances and fire trucks. If I see the people on the side of the road I will blanket them with symbols & light as well as th

Universal Love

This morning I drove to the supermarket to get some food and do some errands with my daughter. As I parked the car and got out, a man approached me. It was the same man that I gave a ride in the past (see the post about the hitchhiker). He was an older man. Everywhere I see him he is wearing the same clothes and walking everywhere between towns. He obviously has some tough times. So he approached me, I don't think he recognized who I was. I gave him a ride while my car was in the shop and I had a loaner car at the time when I last gave him a ride. He asked if I had 2 euros so he could buy something at the supermarket. When someone asks me I help as much as I can because I know it is a part of a Divine Plan. I opened my wallet and only had one euro. He was a bit sad and was ready to walk away when I said...wait here. So I went to the ATM and thought about the 2 euro. The machine only withdrew in multiples of 5 euros or higher. I needed to pick up some medicine for my daughter in t


Be universal Love. You are the river. You flow. Free will exists here and will always exist here as this is the nature of this density. Not everyone is ready to accept your love. These are the barriers, the rocks. The water simply flows where it is accepted. The love flows where it is accepted. The water flows around the rocks, the barriers people ...create. But what happens when rocks are near the river? They are carved slowly by the water. So just keep flowing your love. Being near your love will break the barriers in due time. Continue to flow your love like the water and you make a difference for the whole planet. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

9th Wave of Unity Consciousness

According to the ancient Maya, the creation of the Universe is affected by nine energetic waves. With each wave in the Mayan Calendar, a shift in consciousness occurs. March 9th, 2011 marks the beginning of the 9th wave! This 9th wave will bring about Unity Consciousness and the ascension of Mother Earth. Both the Mayans and the Hopis believe this 9th wave will bring the entire Universe and all humanity to higher states of consciousness. We will be faced with an opportunity to move into unity together, a process of transformation, a new beginning, a new way of life. This is the time where human evolution speeds up tremendously, and makes a jump into a new level of awareness. We become something greater than what is now called human. These energetic shifts will open to us on March 9th and increasingly climb, raising the vibrational frequency of all life forms on the planet. This process of transformation will not end. It will continue to October 28, 2011 and beyond. As these

Mirabai Devi


Love all

Reference this link: This is so sad. Distressed states of mind create distressed choices. I will be praying for her forgiveness and for all who passed. I call upon Archangel Michael to escort them all into the Light. All beings deserve Love. I don't care if it is a serial killer who passed. Yes Karma may lock them up while they are on Earth or in the after-life but they still deserve Love and Forgiveness. Let me repeat for reference.....Heaven and hell are spiritual states of being. They are not static states but are states in which there can be growth and progress toward ultimate wholeness of being. Comment from the news article re-posted...."My babysitter is friends with the Lashaunda's aunt. The family is distraut and can certainly do without all of the judgement. If the New York News printed OUR life story for others to criticize, t...hen maybe we would get an idea of the hurt that criticism

Powerful article

This is truly a powerful article about your purpose here and the other side. It was so inspiring I have to share it with all of you. Love & Blessings


We are here to tend the garden ~ We spiral into physical form to express our infinite Love from within to the physical density. It is our act of Love to serve all beings and all densities and thus we lift the vibrations of this density to unite it and return it back to our Creator as a glorious offering. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

Channeling April 9, 2011

About Faith (Chris/Qan Dek): As I write this I want to express my deepest gratitude to God, the Archangels, the Masters and the Great Cosmic Beings who have supported me and many others during this time while my day job was at risk of cancellation due to politicians arguing over budgets. As I was shopping for food, swarms of people were stocking up on food in case of store closures due to the government shutdown, the human resources department called me to let me know I may not have work on Monday, fears were being projected by coworkers and even some on Facebook about concern of missed paychecks. There was nothing left for me to do. I turned to you Father and the many beings who support and I prayed. I prayed that a compromise was reached, that all those affected still had jobs to meet their obligations and support their families. I sent Reiki to the situation. I surrendered to you Father and could only have faith. I invoked your help Father in resolving this situation because I tru


As I had nothing but faith in God left, as the fears swirled around, as I received a call from the personnel office that I may be out of work on Monday, as I read the news that an agreement wasn't reached on Thursday, I turned to God, the Archangels, and the Masters in Shamballa. It was out of my hands so there was one thing left to do...pray (and send some Reiki too). I prayed to them all and asked that God perfectly resolve this situation. By the Power of God and all great beings, my faith grows stronger.....God is my Rock and I rest upon my faith in God. In deepest gratitude. I feel now Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.


All is One and One is All. You are all things and yet you are also yourself. We live a paradox while incarnated. We are created to be finite and yet remain infinite. The finite is an expression beyond the infinite. The infinite is an expression beyond the finite. We have constant unending unifying Divine Love and yet we also have Free Will as various and changing as the wind. Here we make choices. Shall you choose Love with Free Will or the more difficult path of Free Will over Love as your expression and creation? All are expressions and creations but only you can choose. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.


The nature of the Infinite One is infinite. That is why you see infinite expressions of being, of existence. It just IS because it IS designed that way to allow for infinite expression. The pendulum will swing left or right or not swing at all. It just IS. We are portions of the Infinite One and we choose our path. All paths return to Source because they all exist as Source right now in perfect expression. Choose and create the path you wish to create and BE that you wish to BE. If you choose Love you shall BE Love. If you choose Unity you shall BE Unity. That is why they say I AM that I AM. Because you are All That Is. You Are. I bow to the Divine within all beings and creation. I AM Universal Love and Light. Chris / Qan Melchizedek Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

Channeling April 2, 2011

About Focus (Chris/Qan Dek): Why all this training to focus, finish tasks, and pay attention? (God & Great Cosmic Beings of Light): You are being trained to focus. You may ask yourself why? You have abundant mental energy. In the physical density it can be a distraction. But on the other side of the veil, increased mental energy moves things. Thoughts are as powerful there as your form is here. You are being trained to focus to direct your energy on your path. You chose spiritual service and all of us are here to support you in the service in this form and beyond. (Chris/Qan Dek): Thank you Father (God & Great Cosmic Beings of Light): Trust. Your words are my words. All is well. Have faith that we are here to support you always. (Chris/Qan Dek): I'm starting to channel! Thank you Father! (God): You are welcome. You are blessed. (Chris/Qan Dek): Is this really the Father? (God): Yes it is. I have many aspects. (Chris/Qan Dek): I'm so excited I could wri

Channeling April 1, 2011 and earlier

Have faith. You are perfectly protected. You have my word and honor. ~ Archangel Michael Tend the fire of your heart, with each act of Love the fire grows more toward me. ~ God We are all here for you, watching you, and supporting you. You are doing wonderful things. We are excited with your progress. We celebrate with you. ~ Sanat Kumara and the Masters of Shamballa Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.