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Healing, Energy, Ascension, Chakras, the Ego and Unconditional Love

Spiritual healing is not needed for ascension but it does help clear the path for ascension by removing blockages between the body, mind and spirit. Energy work brings the imbalances (karmic knots) to awareness. At first egos are suppressed. As one continues on the path of unconditional loving service the egos lose grip more and more and eventually rarely need supression because they no longer are heard. Ego still exists (I do encounter ego sometimes still) because it is a part of the mind while in incarnation. But when the focus continues to be of service to all beings because all are sparks of light, ego can't be heard. Ego is related to separation, individual differences. When you see through the eyes of collective unity and the spirit in all- the perspective shifts away from ego. Gratitude for blessings, faith, unconditional universal loving service...these are keys to focus on. The focus is not ego then. As you focus more on love and balance the chakras doing it- love for