Thursday, December 15, 2022

2023 updates

Hello my beloved Lightworkers,

Here are some of the plans I have for 2023. 

Let's start first with the background.

During 2006-2012 I had an awakening experience, published 45 Free Reiki Attunements, 36 Free Reiki Attunements, 28 Powerful Attunements, Eternal Spirit, The Ascension Rays, Alpha Omega Healing Session and the Earth Gate. I also launched the City of Shamballa Social Network in 2009. In 2012, the City of Shamballa trademark was approved to keep the website online and reach the world with Light. 

Between my books, videos, and the City of Shamballa I'll estimate that I impacted 100,000 lives for the better, helping humanity find the Divine within and helping to spread the Light. I even made it into the book Llewellyn's Complete Book of Reiki. I'm eternally grateful to my masters Steve Murray, Stephen Lovering, Ole Gabrielsen, Kathy McConnell, Tami MacDowell, and many others for teaching me Reiki. I'm also eternally grateful to AMBA for her attunements, and many many others who have contributed attunements over the years. I'm eternally grateful to Esta Lior, Lu, George, Marius, Blane Hoffman, Sebastian BotaDr. Sohini Shukla, Tercy Lonan, Steven Hutchinson, and Mary Keating for all of the positive support and words of encouragement throughout the years. I'm also grateful to Alain, who I miss, for spreading the Light. Thank you to all of the translators of my books in the past. I'm indebted to all of you. 

In 2013 I entered the crucifixion phase, which I believe was designed to burn off any arrears of karma. If you read about my past life, I stole money from the king to give to my family. My karma was to lose money and lose my family. 

During 2013-2022 I went through a series of hardships which included divorce, loss of family members, and financial struggles. In 2022 I pulled most of my books from distribution at the request of a third party, which devastated me from losing 10 years of my work, but helped me further understand the law of free will. I discuss the struggles in my book The Path of Oneness. I know I am being prepared for a mission in the Higher Realms, and the rest of my time on Earth is the Path of Earth Service prior to moving into the Path of Sirius as a Lightbody. I'm confident I will reconnect with other masters such as Dr. Joshua David Stone and Christoffer

Despite the struggles trying to dim my Light, I refuse to give up and continue to follow my dreams of spreading Light around the world. If you look at my Gene Keys profile, there are 4 Gene Keys (Gene Keys 16, 9, 37, and 40) that center around God's Grace (Gene Key 22). My purpose in life has to been to align my life with my Higher Self's mission in order to receive God's Grace (and help others receive God's Grace), and express the traits of versatility (be an author, video producer, and website manager etc.), perseverance (never give up), tenderness/compassion toward all beings, and resolve (have faith- never give up- use my energy wisely for a purpose). 

So you may ask, what is new? What do I have planned?

As you are aware, the City of Shamballa has been upgraded to a new mobile friendly platform. In 2022 I published approximately 20 ebooks with various attunements in them. The links in the new books match the new website's links. Hoping this brings more people to the platform.

I've been locked out of my Facebook account since November 2022 (a test of my resolve and perseverance) but I'm sure I will get access again in 2023. I plan to make photos with wisdom and reference the City of Shamballa bringing people to the website and then sharing them everywhere. 

I estimate by January 2023 that the City of Shamballa trademark will be renewed. 

The next phase is to re-publish the books 28 Powerful Reiki Attunements and Eternal Spirit without the third party's content. Also planned are videos such as Medicine Buddha's Death Dying Purification Ritual, an Abundance Prayer, Djwhal Khul's meditations, the new COS website overview video, a Live Essene Healing Session, and more wisdom videos. I continue to be a volunteer healer at the Distant Healing Network. 

I'll continue to contribute to lifting others up on Earth as long as I can, and follow the manifestation of my Higher Self on Earth. It is with great hope that I have impacted the world for the better.

I'm eternally grateful to all of you and may God bless all of you on your journeys.

All my love,



P.S. This song summarizes my life.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Healing Masterclass


Please join my friend Vishnu in his healing masterclass.

It's available at


God bless all of you.




Friday, December 2, 2022

Why Energy Management is Important - A Message from Archangel Michael

Written and Channelled by Stephan Davies

Hello everybody this is the Archangel Michael. We're going to talk today about energy management and why it matters and specifically why practicing energy hygiene is essential to maintaining a sense of peace and happiness.

So, let's talk about energy and how it works. Energy is basically the power of your physical body, that's what it is. It's related to your physical body and it matters greatly because if your energy is impacted or drained or lost you can feel very tired, you can feel very unhappy.

So basically, what we doing when we practice energy hygiene is we are maintaining a certain boundary around ourselves and we are preventing certain energies from interacting with us or affecting us or even being infiltrated into our body, because that can happen sometimes.

In order to understand energy hygiene there are three things we must discuss: Boundaries, satisfaction and compassion, because all three things are connected. So first, let's talk about boundaries.

Boundaries are not just physical boundaries, as in keeping someone at the physical distance from you, there also mental boundaries and emotional boundaries. Keeping people away who harm you that's essential, but there is one more type of boundary we must discuss and that is protection.  This is because protection is essential, if you are protected then you will not be harmed or impacted in the same way as someone who's not.

So basically, putting up boundaries is the way we protect ourselves and the way we keep our energy strong and vibrant. This is because if you allow someone to cross your boundaries, then they will impact your energy field, absolutely.

That's the first point. Secondly let’s talk about satisfaction. What I mean by this is: If you're not satisfied with yourself, then life generally doesn't bring you the things you need. Satisfaction is like the icing on the cake, you need that icing because when you're not satisfied, then life in general, it can impact you more than other times.

So, by satisfaction, I'm saying do things that make you happy, do things that bring you benefit and make yourself feel good. When you feel good, your protection is stronger, it's absolutely true.

Now the last thing I wanted to talk about is compassion. Compassion is actually more important than people think, compassion is like another form of protection because when you have compassion, you just naturally, effortlessly respond in a protective way. When you have compassion, you don't allow others to tread their dirty footprints on your aura, absolutely it's true.

So, I would recommend for anyone who doesn't know how to protect themselves, first of all meditate on compassion. Generate as much compassion as you can for yourself and others. Secondly, begin a practice, a daily practice of grounding into Gaia. Ground to Mother Earth and her energy will support you, you'll feel stronger. Thirdly I would recommend looking up some kind of psychic protection, because psychic protection is like the last layer of defence. If we have all three things, you'll be protected completely.


Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients from all over the world. Stephan also runs a blog that covers all matters spiritual. His passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, bless, and empower others.

Integrating Meditation and Love - A Message from Jesus

Written and Channelled by Stephan Davies

Greetings everybody this is Jesus. I want to say this - anything is possible if you truly love yourself and when you love yourself, others love you too. That's the very first thing I want to say and the second thing I want to say is this - in terms of meditation, compassion is essential. Compassion is necessary, that's the overarching theme of my discussion that I'm going to give today.

So, let's talk about meditation. First of all, what is meditation and why does it help? Meditation is basically changing your mind and changing the way you interact with your thoughts. Meditation is something that is not well understood by many people because they think it's trying to quieten the mind or trying to still the mind. That can happen, stillness and peace can be gained through meditation, but meditation should not just be about stilling the mind.

True meditation is about seeing the mind clearly and not reacting to thoughts, just letting the thoughts be natural. When you let the thoughts just exist, appear, transiently move through your mind and then dissipate, that's meditation. It's just watching, it's just allowing, that's the secret to true meditation.

If you are a meditating, if you sit down and follow your breath, then get into a state of relaxation and your mind feels open and spacious, that's beautiful, that's good. That's how you should feel when you meditate, but there are times when your mind may feel tight and closed and reactive or upset by certain things. That’s what can happen, but that's not a problem because all these experiences are naturally part of the meditation consciousness, or the meditation theme that we're trying to integrate with our minds.

So, the question is this - how do you integrate the sense of love or the sense of compassion and a sense of wanting to do good things, how do you integrate that with meditating? I'll give you 2 simple tips today - the 1st is this: Don't worry about what you do during a meditation, find it as peaceful as you can be, find it is compassionate as you can be and then relax and then don't do anything more just be with that, that's the first thing.

And now the question arises how do you become a loving person, how do you become someone who cares for others? That’s simple, you can practice a different meditation which is called opening the heart. A heart opening meditation is actually something that will complement your sitting meditation very well. If you do both together you will ascend or you will transform yourself very, very quickly and you'll become a completely different person, it's true.

I'm not going to go into the exact details of how to open the heart, there are many meditations you can look up, but basically, I would say this - if you're doing true, important, powerful, spiritual transformation, then you should be focusing on love and compassion and stillness meditation and mindfulness meditation all at the same time. These things should be like all the fingers of your hand: one finger is love, one finger is compassion, one finger is stillness, one finger is mindfulness and one finger is bringing presence to everything you do. These are the five fingers of true spiritual transformation.


Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients from all over the world. Stephan also runs a blog that covers all matters spiritual. His passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, bless, and empower others.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

My Reiki story

This is about how I got into Reiki and other energies.

During the years of 1996 - 2006 I went through an identity crisis. Although I was raised as a Protestant, I had trouble finding Spirit. I could only access the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. I prayed, I went to church, but I had trouble understanding Spirit. So I prayed for the wisdom to get to know Spirit. I never understood the Holy Spirit in the Bible and wanted to know the Holy Spirit. I read in the book of Acts about laying on hands. Acts 8:17- "Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit." I looked up laying on hands in 2006, and went for a Reiki massage at Radiance Herbs and Massage in Olympia, Washington. I could not believe that I felt energy flowing through my body coming from another's hands. I was convinced Reiki was an aspect of the Holy Spirit, since it aligned with the Book of Act's mention of laying on hands. After that I began awakening to Spirit.

In 2007, I began to receive distant attunements from Steve Murray via his DVD videos. I became a Reiki Master in 2007, with gratitude to Steve Murray for his powerful attunements. Steve Murray taught me that Reiki attunements could be received distantly. Check out his website at Then later in 2007-2008 I received various distant attunements online from Kathy McConnell, and learned about the chi ball method, the call in method, from Tami MacDowell at Healings of the Heart. Then I received attunements from Stephen Lovering (including Usui Reiki re-attunements). They were instant attunements. Many of the attunements were initially from the founder of many of the systems- Ole Gabrielsen. Ole Gabrielsen, the founder of Kundalini Reiki and many Reiki modalities, has an online website for attunements so check out his amazing attunements, which I believe he also uses chi balls to provide attunements. It's at Also in 2007 I became an Essene Healer under Dr. John F. Gilbert and learned about Gnosticism and the Tree of Life. In 2008 I was attuned to LightarianTM Reiki and the LightarianTM Rays. Visit to learn about the LightarianTM programs. All of these people (and organizations) I mentioned are all fantastic spiritual mentors and I highly recommend all of them to you. They are amazing people bring Light to Earth.

In 2008 I began to channel Alpha Omega Healing and share it with you. In 2009 I went through an Ascension experience which I talk about in my books. In 2009 I started the City of Shamballa as a spiritual community to share the Light with each other and lift each other up. In 2010 I published my first book 45 Free Reiki Attunements. I also started my YouTube channel Oneness and Love. I read the Complete Ascension Manual by Dr. Joshua David Stone and learned about his ascension meditations. You can follow Dr. Joshua David Stone's work by visiting I was active on the City of Shamballa through 2013, then took a break while dealing with some life challenges, until I became active in 2022 again and published more books, such as the Path of Oneness, and made more videos. In 2022 I ventured into Buddhism, Hinduism, and Theosophy to learn new perspectives on Spirit. In 2022 I also learned about the Gene Keys, read Richard Rudd's book Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, and took the Gene Keys Golden Path program at The Gene Keys are fantastic and a highly recommend checking out his website. 

I'm looking forward to the next phase of this journey, which includes upgrading the City of Shamballa website to make it more mobile friendly, and to continuing to post wisdom, attunements, and healing sessions. I'm continuing to volunteer for the Distant Healing network.  I also want to be more active in person, volunteering for charities and being generous in whatever way I can. This is the school of Life on Earth and the more we can lift each other up, the more impact we have on the world and all of humanity.

Anyway, that is my spiritual background, thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. You are truly appreciated as you spread the Love and Light around the planet. I love you all. God bless you all.

In Loving Service. Namaste.

How can Reiki or other energies help me?

What is Reiki? 

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is Japanese for Universal Life Energy. Reiki exists in and around us. A Reiki healer is able to tap into this limitless energy for the purpose of bringing others back into wholeness and balance. Reiki can also be sent to heal situations in the past, present, or future. Reiki protects you from harm. You may use Reiki or other energies as you are guided. 

These are some of the ways I use Reiki or other energies- 

Use for power and protection. I like to add Cho Ku Rei with a triple swirl of blue light of Archangel Michael’s protection on all people, cars, and buildings to protect each for their highest and greatest good. 

Heal a situation. Examples War in Ukraine, Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Political Unrest, Economic distress etc. Send Reiki or other energies for world peace. Or individually- heal a relationship, heal finances, heal job etc. 

Heal self or others- you can do hands on healing or distant healing. Distant healing involves the visualization of the higher self of the recipient, or a picture of them, or a name and location. 

Heal the world- send Reiki or other energies into the grid of the earth. Accelerate the ascension of humanity. 

Heal the afterlife- Send Reiki or other energies to the other side of the veil to help a loved one cross over.

Use Reiki or other energies in attunements or healing sessions- Create a chi ball to hold the attunement or healing session and send it to the higher self of the recipient. Ask the recipient to call in the attunement or healing session when they are ready. 

Use Reiki during meditation sessions to view the Akashic Records or to connect to your Higher Self or to the Ascended Masters and Angels or to the higher realms. The energy serves as a medium to transport your consciousness.

That is How Reiki and other energies can help you. I see you all and I'm here for you all. Thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. You are truly appreciated as you spread the Love and Light around the planet. I love you all. God bless you all. 

In Loving Service. Namaste. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Interview with Chris Comish (Updated)

Tell us about yourself? 
Reiki Master and Adept on the Spiritual Path of All That Is. Qan Melchizedek is my spiritual name. Qan comes from Qan Yin. Melchizedek comes from the Melchizedek order. I AM compassionate Love and Wisdom. I AM of the 2nd Monadic Ray of Love and Wisdom. Service work- Volunteer Healer at The Distant Healing Network. Founder of the City of Shamballa social network at and my videos can be watched at my OnenessandLove YouTube channel. Gemini Sun. Pisces Moon. Cancer rising. I incarnated to overcome the mind of the Gemini and to enter the Heart, to activate my subconscious Pisces moon sign empathy/compassion and spiritual connections consciously, and to get out of my Cancer rising shell and share with the world while involved in group work. I am endeavoring to be love in all thoughts, feelings, and actions. Gene Keys 4, 9, 12, 16, 22, 37, 40, 43, 52, and 62. 

What brought you here? 
Since my awakening in 2006, I wish to share with the world to help it awaken. 

What can you contribute? 
Attunements, Love and Wisdom. Also willing to heal people and situations that need my help. Author of The Path of Oneness, The Earth Gate, and multiple energy attunements books. 

Who are your Teachers? 
Lord Melchizedek, Cosmic Council of Twelve, Saint Germain. Archangel Metatron, Enoch, Sanat Kumara, Logos of Sirius, Logos of Arcturus, Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Saint Francis of Assisi and many many more. 

What are your Favorite Books? 
The Complete Ascension Manual by Dr. Joshua David Stone; 
Beyond Ascension by Dr. Joshua David Stone; 
The Law of One 101- The Choice by Carla Ruckert; 
Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch by Dr. JJ Hurtak; 
Bhagavad Gita; 
Pistis Sophia, translated by G.R.S. Mead; 
The Goal of Life, by Hiram Butler; 
The Causal Body and the Ego, by Arthur E. Powell; 
Initiation, Human and Solar, by Alice A. Bailey; 
The Masters and the Path, by C.W. Leadbeater; 
108 Lectures of Wisdom at
21 Essential Lessons (Vol. 1 and 2) by AMTF; 
Gene Keys: Unlocking The Higher Purpose, by Richard Rudd; 
The Voice of the Silence, by Helena Blavatsky; 
The Corpus Christi - Science of the Rainbow Body, by Richard Rudd 

What are your Favorite Movies? 
Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ, Little Buddha, Ghost, The Sixth Sense, Hereafter, The Lovely Bones, What Dreams May Come, Apocalypto, and Jacob's Ladder. 

What Music do you like? 
Enigma, Enya, Loreena McKennitt and much more. My music playlist bringing Love vibration into everyday life. 

What are your Goals? 
Heal the world. Strengthen the channels to allow for more Love and Light. Lift others up. Provide compassion, empathy, and unselfishness to all. Stay balanced with the wise use of energy. The purpose of Life is to be Love and Light in Service to Others in Alignment with Free Will. "Who has ears to hear, let each hear." 

How do you give back? 
I believe in giving to charity and serving each other for the good of the whole. Currently I'm volunteering as a distant healer for the Distant Healing Network.

2023 updates

Hello my beloved Lightworkers, Here are some of the plans I have for 2023.  Let's start first with the background. During 2006-2012 I ha...