Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Chakras and Frequencies

The following are descriptions of the chakras and their frequencies:

1. Root chakra. Affirmation "I AM." Energy, Stability, Comfort, Safety. 396 hz solfeggio frequency. Survival. Also the Kundalini energy is stored here. Associated With: Earth Connection, Physical Health, Safety and Security, Groundedness, The Body, Longevity, Kundalini, Healing. 

2. Sacral chakra. Affirmation "I FEEL." Sensuality, Sexuality, Pleasure, Sociability, Creativity. 417 hz solfeggio frequency. Personal identity. Kundalini rising begins in the Hara/Belly button chaka. Associated With: Relationships, Life Force, Emotions, Intimacy, Vitality, Skin, Impulse, Desire, Motivation, Letting Go.

3. Solar Plexus chakra. Affirmation "I DO." Strength, Personality, Power, Determination. 528 hz solfeggio frequency. Ego resides here. Social relations. Associated With: Self-Esteem, Ego, Confidence, Manifesting, Willpower, Self-Belief, Grit, Success, Conscious Mind, Adaptability.

4. Heart chakra. Affirmation "I LOVE." Acceptance, Love, Compassion, Sincerity. 639 hz solfeggio frequency. Opening of ascension path. Higher Self manifestation begins. Love/Compassion of Higher Self. Universal love. Associated With: Compassion, Faith and Hope, Forgiveness, Joy, Surrender, Humility, Empathy, Unconditional Love, Balance. 

5. Throat chakra. Affirmation "I TALK." Communication, Expression, Creative Expression, Inspiration. 741 hz solfeggio frequency. Expression of Higher Self. Free communication. Associated With: Communication, Expression, Honesty, Worthiness, Gratitude, Creativity, Channeling Energy. 

6. Third eye chakra. "I SEE." Intuition, Lucidity, Meditation, Trust. 852 hz solfeggio frequency. Vision of Higher Self. Universal energies. Associated With: Subconscious Mind, Deep Thought, Imagination, Mind's Eye, Intuition, Clarity, Wisdom, Vision. 

7. Crown chakra. Affirmation "I UNDERSTAND." Knowledge (truth), consciousness, fulfillment, spirituality. 963 hz solfeggio frequency.  Bridge of light unity connection to Higher Self. Flow/Channeling state. Sacredness of each experience. Associated With: Transcendence, Spirituality, Higher Self, Ascension, Quantum Mind, Source, At One, Inner Peace, Dreams, Cosmic. 

Great solfeggio frequency videos are found at https://www.youtube.com/@PowerThoughtsclub

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Initiations and Ascension

First Initiation – The Birth of the Love within the Heart - Birth to Spiritual Life (Junior Disciple)

Required for passing this initiation: Self-control (mastery of physical body) 

Second Initiation – Mastery of Emotional Body - The Baptism (Senior Disciple)

Required for passing this initiation: Self-control (mastery of emotional body)

Willing and taking action to get rid of negativity

Willing and taking action to get rid of negative desire 

Third Initiation – The Transfiguration (Initiate) - Teacher

Required for passing this initiation: Self-control (mastery of mental body)

No judging anyone

Accepting all beings

Fourth Initiation – The Crucifixion or Renunciation (of lower self for Higher Self) (Arhat) - Teacher

Required for passing this initiation: Free from all hate

No thinking in the negative at all ever

Love, "I am love"

Receiving eternal life

Surrender to God's and monad's will

Fifth Initiation (The Resurrection) – The Adept or The Holy Master - Teacher

Required to pass the 5th initiation: Total surrender to God and to your monad

Agreement that "Yes I will do what my monad intends"

Willingness to serve good of wholeness and the highest purpose

Sixth Initiation – The Ascension or Masterhood (Chohan) - Teacher

Required to pass the 6th initiation: No imperfect thoughts

Seventh Initiation – The Bodhisattva, Avatar or Christhood - Teacher

Initiations 8+ manifest on the Buddhic plane and in higher dimensions than the physical - Ascended Master, Spirit Guide etc.

In my experience the third and fourth were the hardest because they required a complete release of the mind and enter into surrender to the Divine. Being a Gemini and very mind based this was hard for me.

Initiations 1 and 2 are seeking, Initiations 3 and higher are being.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Self Love and Service to Others

Great post about Self Love and Service to Others 


Powerful Affirmations by Bashar


I am who I am for a reason.
No insistence, no resistance.
I am an indestructible being at my core.
The past and the future are illusions. There is only now.
Everything happens in perfect timing. I will miss nothing.
My life is my own. No one can live it for me.
I am unconditionally supported by creation.
I am an expression of nature.
I always have exactly what I need.
I give and receive joy, love, and compassion.
My life is a synchronous orchestration.
I am free to choose.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Attunements and Healing Sessions

My original (and still ongoing) Dharma project was attunements to empower others as healers- train the trainer so to speak, which massively accelerates Planetary Ascension. My current Dharma project is multiple healing session videos. I am planning approximately 80 more healing videos followed by a book that compiles them, hence the words to receive in the videos too. Healing sessions are helpful for anyone and continues Planetary Ascension acceleration. Everything is timeless, can be received 1000 years from now as an example and I am in awe of the Power and Grace of Source to be on this path to lift up the world. It is an honor to serve you all. 

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Ascension Quantum Mechanics

For anyone wanting to learn the quantum mechanics of Ascension, read this text from Ra. It discusses Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Balance as the key to Ascension. To expand upon what Ra says about left (Yin) and right (Yang) balance, this includes the left side Ida and right side Pingala Kundalini channels too. https://www.lawofone.info/s/49

Chakras and Frequencies

The following are descriptions of the chakras and their frequencies: 1. Root chakra. Affirmation "I AM." Energy, Stability, Comfor...