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Dream and more

I had an interesting dream. I seem to remember dreams best when I wake up an hour before I wake up and then fall back to sleep and then wake up when I am supposed to. But anyway. Where I work there is a place to eat called Ray's Diner and a Flower shop called The Boutique or something. Anyway, as with most dreams the names got crossed. So I had a dream about a Ray's Boutique. I was called and asked if I would accept a delivery of flowers at my work. I said at first it wasn't mine and then I had courage and said I will take the delivery since it was intended for me. That was a higher self lesson on acceptance and faith. Fast forward to waking life. I saw a valentine's day candy on the table left over from last month. It had the words No Doubt on them. I had earlier prayed that everything would work out perfectly with my move. It was a message not to doubt and to have faith. My themes of the last few years have been faith, compassion and acceptance. I feel a major initi


Where intention goes, energy flows. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

Space Clearing

All, Yesterday morning as I drove to work- a van drove by with the word "Hatred" written in large letters on the back window with the license plate ending in 666. I thought to myself- I will not judge and prayed their forgiveness. Then I saw alain's comment on the city of shamballa which was synchronicity. Last night I had a tour of tunnels under Bamberg. They were originally for mining, then they were filled with winter ice and became beer/wine coolers and other food refrigerators for during the year (before the refrigerator), then they became factories underground and air raid shelters during WWII. During the tour, the tour guide talked about how 54 people were working underground one day when a bomb landed above the tunnel and collapsed it- killing all of them instantly. Suddenly I saw a blue-white colored shape drift into my third eye and it began to form the shape of a person. I called quickly for Archangel Michael's protection and then I didn't see it an

The Choice

We should not try to understand evil. It just IS. It just exists. No need to open the door. These beings exist due to our free will and our choices. Some of our beings out of free will have chosen to create evil with its fear over love and created these things. But it doesn't have to continue like this. We can choose for love or fear but cannot choose both. We can create love and be in harmony in the present moment. May all choose love and be in peace in oneness and love throughout eternity. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

Service to Others or Service to Self

We exist in a Love/Free Will environment in this density and section of the Universe Due to this, there will always be choices, polarities, dualities, different sides of the same "coin" of Creator expression There are two paths that emerge Service to Others, positive- Love with Free Will Service to Self, negative- Free Will over Love These are the hallmarks of each- One is giving, one is taking. One is loving, one is hating. One is open to possibilities, the other is limiting through control. In my humble 5 years since my decision to get off the fence, and choose a path consciously I have seen 99% Service to Others inclined and 1% Service to Self inclined. Service to self requires immense control of the will and self over the natural flow of Love and it is a path most do not take. Many exist and still exist as fence sitters, but the vast majority are Service to Others. I have never met any pure Service to Self in person (negative polarity master), most people ar