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Purification of Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was a distorted individual. I underwent the task of purifying him, fully knowing this would be one of my most difficult purifications. I intended to purify both him and all of his victims, all of those listed in wikipedia and all those that were not found, were unknown, but still were his victims. This is an effort to relieve the Earth from all negative vibration and distortion that is in the earthbound realms and lower astral planes reflecting back to Earth. Looking at the history of Ted Bundy, he appeared to have negative influence as early as the age of three, when he surrounded his mother with knives. In my opinion, this was a strong possession of him by a greater negative being...a being of carnage. A demon. He was puppetted by this demon his entire life and this strongly influenced his behavior. His entire family history indicates a strong negative presence in the house, with his grandfather possessing very hateful, abusive t


Discernment- there are many new age groups that have begun to form negative vibrations around new age concepts- much ego is involved behind the scenes and many are manipulating the thoughtforms to bring the vibration of the positives down. Please remember to feel the vibration beyond the words. If you feel pure Love and it resonates, enjoy it. If not, you are advised to follow your vibration. It is not about the images, the symbols, the words, the mind is about love energy. If you encounter these types and situations, immediately correct it with positive loving thought, feeling, listening to soft peaceful music, go into meditation, connect with your higher self and Source of Perfect Love and Oneness. Groups that use words like "GREATER" and "BETTER" vibrate with ego. Others like to talk of catastrophes vibrating fear. Please just be careful. The negatives are trying to hold onto their world. They have begun infiltration into groups trying to turn Li

Purification of further distortion

Introduction Part I: Reading more wikipedia I ran into this guy. Very distorted. I will purify him along with his victims. A) I don't want ghosts here and B) The guy was puppeted by an extemely negative vibration being feeding off of the acts, from its needs, it probably was a demon. I don't want this negative evil here anymore, I want Love here The astral planes need to be cleaned up. These things do not need to influence us here anymore. Part II, The purification process: Prior to this process I placed Reiki protective symbols on myself, invoke Archangel Michael's perfect protection, surrounded myself with his blue flame, invoked a circle of warrior angels around me, invoked God's perfect pure light so that I am in it and only unconditional love is with me, and finally I invoked the Cherubim, Seraphim and Archangel Metatron to do his magic. Then I performed the purification ritual. Well the children entered the Ligh

Purification of more negative vibration

Today I purified many Mafia members who actions cannot be spoken of, but they were quite negative or there were a few that were murdered victims. The purifications, the attunements, the wisdom...all part of the dharma of my mission in this incarnation and beyond. I'm not going to repeat the Medicine Buddha purification ritual here but I did it with a large amount of protection as the group being purified was large and each was of negative vibration. The following have been purified: Harold Paul Rico, Roger Wheeler, John Joseph Gotti, Jr, Constatino Paul Castellano, Carlo Gambino, Joseph Bonanno, Sr, Salvatore Scala, Thomas Bilotti, Angelo Bruno, Antonio Caponigro, Philip Testa, Angelo Corallo, Vincent Louis Gigante, Carmine Fatico, Albert Anastasia, and Meyer Lansky Prior to this process I placed Reiki protective symbols on myself, invoke Archangel Michael's perfect protection, surrounded myself with his blue flame, invoked a circle of warrior angels around me, invoked

Beautiful song

Beautiful song about Love, Spirit and Life in general

Timeline of an incarnation

Chris Comish, a history: Chris Comish six years prior to awakening, highly immersed in the Ego, 2000 (link above) Prior to 2001 Chris is veiled and unawakened but has odd interest in parts of the Bible and in the Stars Lynne broke up with Chris a few months after this photo and got together with his friend Pete from college, 2001 2001-2003 Chris is in the role of sitting on the fenceline (undecided) Chris almost died in 2002 due to near car accident (too fast on the autobahn with sportscar) Chris deployed to War in 2003 and has bad feelings about his purpose there Chris almost died in 2004 due to near car accident (hydroplaning on water, vehicle spun around at high rate of speed) 2004-2006 Chris shifts to role as aspiring student Lynne was killed in a car accident on November 14, 2005- car slid on ice and fell off cliff into icy creek. Cause of death blunt trauma and drowning Chris got his first Reiki healing in Summer of

Invocation and Meditation for the Archangels

Love to you from the Archangels!