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Essene Healing Session

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The Astral World

This is my summary of the interesting book Witness from Beyond I recently read. The book is out of print and hard to find. So that I am within the free will of copyright, I will gather the themes of the book that caught my attention and then discuss them in my own words. 1. Higher planes of consciousness are not "higher up there" but rather "finer". They are vibrationally finer, quicker, smoother...they are not dense or slow. 2. The world of the other side is only a change of condition. As water exists as ice, liquid, gas, so do the other realms exist concurrently and overlap each other. The other side, afterlife is not visible to our physical eyes because of the wavelength of the energies but it is visible to our third eyes and in meditation and during the dream state. Just as radio waves are not seen does not mean they do not exist. 3. Each overlapping realm exists together. There are "dead" people and living people able to exist in almost the sa

The Time-Space journey

As I am busy writing a resume for a job I am applying for, the technology curve has increasingly continued behind the scenes. Now my resume is uploaded into a computer system, scanned by a computer, ranked by a computer, and then somewhere in the process my name comes out as "output" so someone can call me for an interview. As I am preparing for my US income taxes and filing online again this year I have already typed some numbers into a website in California and then they will mail a 1099 to someone for me. When I shop for food, I can self checkout and not even talk to a person. I have created an item for Amazon and had its bar code instantly created for me somewhere in the US and emailed to me as a pdf to add to my products. We seem to be glued to our smartphones more and more, and often are with earphones in listening to mp3 music. Our body senses seem to have been replaced. I honestly can say we have already begun moving out of our bodies for our new consciousness bodies.