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The Astral World

This is my summary of the interesting book Witness from Beyond I recently read. The book is out of print and hard to find.

So that I am within the free will of copyright, I will gather the themes of the book that caught my attention and then discuss them in my own words.

1. Higher planes of consciousness are not "higher up there" but rather "finer". They are vibrationally finer, quicker, smoother...they are not dense or slow.

2. The world of the other side is only a change of condition. As water exists as ice, liquid, gas, so do the other realms exist concurrently and overlap each other. The other side, afterlife is not visible to our physical eyes because of the wavelength of the energies but it is visible to our third eyes and in meditation and during the dream state. Just as radio waves are not seen does not mean they do not exist.

3. Each overlapping realm exists together. There are "dead" people and living people able to exist in almost the same space....we just can't "see" or "talk" to each other, except when aligned in free will and via telepathy/thoughts.Personality exists in both physical and nonphysical. As does consciousness. Only the bodies are different. Each body is compatible to the plane it is designed to exist upon. We have a physical body, astral body, mental body and a spiritual body. We also have an individual body and a group body. Each level is a varying degree. We are connected to each other on all levels and yet, here in the physical and also in the astral/mental still retain our individual consciousness. Group existence (not as groups of individuals but as an individual group) is in spiritual body as we get into oversouls/monads.

4. Physical body has enhanced organs and background chakras. Astral body has enhanced chakras and background something else (let's call it A). Mental body has enhanced A and background something else (let's call it B). And so on. All bodies are dependent and yet independent at the same time. All coexist. Your higher self and your physical self are dependent and independent, you exist on different levels at once. Your current consciousness in the physical body has a different perspective than your current consciousness in the higher self. But all are the same.

5. Sound is color and color is sound in higher realms. This is clearer from astral body onward...although you do notice that mantras enhance your chakra colors here. ;)

6. Sense of smell is also retained in astral body....according to the book. This is something interesting and worth studying.....that is why incense/essential oils use is powerful in spiritual practices....

7. Astral body, emotional body is denser than mental and emotions govern if you feel great it is working well....if not then you get an astral checkup from an astral doctor. Astral body can shape and reshape. You can dress yourself how you wish using your astral body....remember it is also tied to your emotions so smell the flowers, listen to the music and stay in joy to keep going in astral body.

8. Travel by thoughts is the mode of travel for mental body...this is where teleportation think and you are there.

9. Astral libraries exist with replica earth books in astral form. Mental plane users read from thoughts from the ethers and do not need to hold any books, everything is read from Light.

10. Astral plane is like airplane looking down on earth in regards to time. Astral plane sees all time both past, present and future as one.

11. Addicts exist in astral planes....cravings have an emotional effect, that craving is what is not resolved after losing the satisfied don't crave and you have nothing to resolve.

12. When we set clear intentions and ask for it from our Creator and feel and know it is done...then walk away...those intentions manifest using astral substance while we are busy here....that is why you get things you ask for later in life.....the astral surprises the conscious mind, they operate on two levels but yet also on the same.

13. When we ponder our lives every now and then, when we take the third person perspective and step out of our makes the pondering easier on the other side..why? because you already did it. Well that is number 13, which since it is soon 2013...sounds like a good place to end this post. Bless you all my brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Earth Gate Foreword Clarion Review


The Earth Gate
Chris Comish
CreateSpace 978-1-4783-0837-9

Three Stars (out of Five)

“Your past lives were for refinement. With one life you got close but did not master the incarnated Earth experiment, with the next you got closer, each life was a refinement to get you to where you are today.” Qan Rahn, a spirit of light, speaks these words to Steven, a human who has just died in a horrific highway accident. Qan Rahn knows that soon Steven will be transformed into an entity freed from earthly bonds, whose spiritual name is Yin Dek; his task will be to save Earth from evil aggressors called Slavers.

Author and Reiki therapist Chris Comish has studiously drawn from a wide spectrum of occult and arcane sources to create The Earth Gate. Yin Dek’s new life as a master and protector of Earth begins in the mystical city of Shamballa (in Buddhist tradition, a hidden seat of pure effulgent energies). Once he has been schooled in higher realities and learns to communicate with thoughts and manipulate energy, he will be able to assist earthlings as they travail under the heavy-handed domination of the Slavers.

Yin Dek and his supernal companions will be assisted by other corporeal beings and their technologies—space travel and weaponry—to obliterate the suffering caused by Lord Argon, a former Lyrian ruler corrupted by evil, who now reigns in the gross world. Yin Dek will also need the aid of a human named John, a conflicted and tormented soul, whose spiritual destiny is entwined with Yin Dek’s journey to save the world.

Author and Reiki therapist Chris Comish has studiously drawn from a wide spectrum of occult and arcane sources to create The Earth Gate. Yin Dek’s new life as a master and protector of Earth begins in the mystical city of Shamballa (in Buddhist tradition, a hidden seat of pure effulgent energies). Once he has been schooled in higher realities and learns to communicate with thoughts and manipulate energy, he will be able to assist earthlings as they travail under the heavy-handed domination of the Slavers.

A major strength of the book is a complex and consistent plot that gradually builds to an exciting conclusion. It works on three levels. First, those who understand or seek to learn more about the multilayered secret truths of the inner path will be fascinated by the special knowledge the author demonstrates. Second, lest the reader feel too perplexed by the happenings in the etheric realm of Shamballa, Comish has carefully interwoven his story lines to include the corresponding viewpoints and actions of those still living ordinary lives on Earth. Third, he makes use of sci-fi tech devices for fans of that genre. Most importantly, he keeps the action rolling from the first page to the last, with sufficient romantic threads, good guys and bad vying for worldly conquest, and an outcome that is never quite assured until the final chapter.

The book is weakened somewhat by a notable dearth of necessary commas, as in “Oops I’m sorry,” and “Tell me more Yin Dek.” Comish also includes italicized “author’s notes” throughout the text, interrupting the flow of the narrative; these comments should be smoothly incorporated into the story to eliminate the sense of being “told” instead of “shown.” And there are a large number of characters with unmemorable names (Ra-So-El, Elohim Ha-ar El).

Overall, The Earth Gate is a strong offering from a writer who has immersed himself in his subject matter. Comish, who maintains a “City of Shamballa” social network, genuinely believes in the supervening etheric realities that he depicts, and his conviction illuminates this engaging work of spiritualized science fiction.

ForeWord Clarion Reviews

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Earth Gate Screenplay

Hello Friends,

I would like to invite you to follow "The Earth Gate" screenplay on Amazon Studios. After a long road, it now will be revised by top writers so it can get picked up by Hollywood. Follow it here:

Thanks for being there with me on this journey.


Monday, December 3, 2012

The Time-Space journey

As I am busy writing a resume for a job I am applying for, the technology curve has increasingly continued behind the scenes. Now my resume is uploaded into a computer system, scanned by a computer, ranked by a computer, and then somewhere in the process my name comes out as "output" so someone can call me for an interview. As I am preparing for my US income taxes and filing online again this year I have already typed some numbers into a website in California and then they will mail a 1099 to someone for me. When I shop for food, I can self checkout and not even talk to a person. I have created an item for Amazon and had its bar code instantly created for me somewhere in the US and emailed to me as a pdf to add to my products. We seem to be glued to our smartphones more and more, and often are with earphones in listening to mp3 music. Our body senses seem to have been replaced. I honestly can say we have already begun moving out of our bodies for our new consciousness bodies.

In order to sort through the increased quickness of the technology that has entered into everywhere in our lives (yes they do have robo-vaccums and you can talk to your house to turn the lights on/off and yes your new cars can be configured to call others through your radio or switch back to the GPS function...let us not mention Skyping to others on the ends of the earth)....anyway the technology only increases and the time only quickens (i.e. what is time? we have near mastery over it- at least on the consciousness level, our bodies do still age). Everything speeds up more and more each year, which is in a big picture what the earth is doing. Increased rays from the galaxy are shifting our solar system and thus earth into a speedy move into the future where space and time no longer exist. Yes, one day space and time will no longer exist on our earth. We will no longer require X time to move X distance or be individualized in our own spaces. We will be part of a large collective that lives and breathes the same- aren't we already becoming here on COS? This is how it is in Time Space. Time and space is rapidly entering the picture where we have 100% mastery over time, and we are all things and they are us and we don't exist in a space anymore. As the bits and bytes continue to accelerate we shift more into light. We zip to and from and everything rotates rapidly around us.

What does this mean from the time space perspective? Those waiting for us on the other side of the portal....time space folks like angels and spirit guides and passed over loved ones are getting closer. Eventually we will be walking our consciousnesses into their places without even looking back....who has time to review when there is so much to do in the future? Anyway just some thoughts, let me hear your perspectives.