Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Human Body Energy Centers (Chakras)

Buddha's Teachings

Buddha set forth his teaching in the following doctrine.

The Four Noble Truths:

1. All things and experiences are marked by suffering/ disharmony/ frustration (dukkha)
2. The arising of suffering/ disharmony/ frustration comes from desire/ craving/ clinging.
3. To achieve the cessation/ end of suffering/ disharmony/ frustration, let go of desire/ craving/ clinging.
4. The way to achieve that cessation of suffering/ disharmony/ frustration, is walking the Eightfold Path.

The eightfold path to the cessation of suffering:

1. Right Understanding of the following facts: the truth about suffering ... (The Four Truths); everything is impermanent and changes; there is no separate individual self- this is an illusion. (We are one!)
2. Right Determination to: give up what is wrong and evil; undertake what is good; abandon thoughts that have to do with bringing suffering to any conscious being; cultivate thoughts that are of loving kindness, that are based on caring for others' suffering, and sympathetic joy in others' happiness.
3. Right Speech: Abstain from telling lies. Abstain from talk that brings harm or discredit to others (such as backbiting or slander) or talk that creates hatred or disharmony between individuals and groups. Abstain from harsh, rude, impolite, malicious, or abusive language. Abstain from idle, useless, and foolish babble and gossip. Abstain from recrimination and negative statements. Abstain from harsh speech—practice kindly speech. Abstain from frivolous speech—practice meaningful speech. Abstain from slanderous speech—practice harmonious speech. Speak the truth if it is useful and timely. Practice only necessary speech. Let your speech be filled with loving kindness. Speak that which alleviates suffering.
4. Right Action: Peaceful, honorable conduct; abstain from dishonest dealings; take concrete steps necessary to foster what is good. Do things that are moral, honest, and alleviate suffering. Do not do things that will bring suffering to others or yourself.
5. Right Livelihood: Abstain from making your living from an occupation that brings harm and suffering to humans or animals, or diminish their well being. This includes: activities that directly harm conscious beings, and activities that indirectly harm sentient beings, e.g., making weapons or poisons.
6. Right Effort: Foster good and prevent evil; Work on yourself—be engaged in appropriate self-improvement. The essence of right effort is that everything must be done with a sense of proper balance that fits the situation. Effort should be properly balanced between trying too hard and not trying hard enough. For example, strike the balance between excessive fasting and over-indulgence in food. Trying hard to progress too rapidly gets poor results, as does not trying hard enough.
7. Right Mindfulness or wakefulness: Foster right attention. Avoid whatever clouds our mental awareness (e.g., drugs). Systematically and intentionally develop awareness.
8. Right Concentration: Developed by practicing meditation and/or mental focusing. Proper meditation must be done continuously while awake, and should include work on awareness of body, emotions, thought, and mind objects.

Five basic precepts:

1. Abstain from killing living beings (from destroying/taking life)—or practice love.
2. Abstain from taking the not-given (from stealing)—or practice generosity, practice giving.
3. Abstain from sexual misconduct—or practice contentment.
4. Abstain from false speech (from lying)—or practice truthfulness.
5. Abstain from taking intoxicating drinks—or practice awareness and mental clarity.

Buddha said:

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. Do not believe anything because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything because it is written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

The following prose, attributed to Buddha, is a poetic expression of the way he saw the world.

Buddha said:

I consider the positions of kings and rulers as that of dust motes.
I observe treasures of gold and gems as so many bricks and pebbles.
I look upon the finest silken robes as tattered rags.
I see myriad worlds of the universe as small seeds of fruit, and the greatest lake in India as a drop of oil upon my foot.
I perceive the teachings of the world as the illusions of magicians.
I discern the highest conception of emancipation as a golden brocade in a dream, and view the holy path of the illuminated ones as flowers appearing in one's eyes.
I see meditation as a pillar of a mountain, nirvana as a nightmare of daytime.
I look upon the judgments of right and wrong as the serpentine dance of a dragon, and the rise and fall of belief as traces left by the four seasons.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Alpha Omega Healing Session

I have created a healing session called Alpha Omega healing. This healing may be received over and over, just say the words again to receive again.

Donations for this healing accepted at

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some thoughts

First I wanted to share that today the actions perfromed in service that helped reinforce the Law of One. Someone was driving around with a car license plate half off. They needed screws. I had extra screws in my wallet from when I changed license plates a while back. I asked him if he would like screws (free will), and he said yes he would love some. I provided him free screws; it felt good to give. I described to him how the license plate gets re-attached. This was an act of love. Both free will and love in harmonic balance.

Later today there was a speed camera zone (a speed trap) set up. I warned drivers by flashing the lights before they entered the zone, saving them a big ticket. Another act of love. Free will was assumed here, as it was an emergency situation where I could not ask. The same would go with healing a person in a coma (although I would ask the person's higher self first).

I saw them as the other self, and I saw them as me. We were together in it and it was easy to give to the other self which was myself. Also I decided to donate to the other day and was instantly paid back the money spent when Lulu's sales came in. What I gave, instantly returned. The balance of the universe. The same thing happened the other day when I gave to one family member via money transfer, I got the same money back from another family member via the mail/post without asking- the same day!

Okay now my wisdom thoughts (Law of One):

The Law of One has 3 basic tenets: Unity/Oneness with Creation, Respect of Free Will, Unconditional Universal Love

Some more additions: Being accepting (saying thank you, happy to receive, happiness with what you have, happiness with who you are) and being generous (happy to give, happy to share, happy to be of service) attracts abundance

Stay balanced in all bodies and all planes: If you car needs repair, fix it (work on the physical plane because it keeps your root chakra unblocked so more energy can flow from root back up to all chakras- think of the trees blog I posted). If you are sad/depressed/angry work on your emotions. Find the inner child. Love the inner child. Be forgiving of yourself and of others. You unblock the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart this way.

No one chakra is more important, but to get the fruit harvest you need to have a strong tree so each step of the way is important.

Prayer and Faith- Commune with God/Creator. Have faith you are 100% protected and loved. Pray for blessings. Be grateful for blessings. Keep the love circuit going.

Devotion to service to others polarity/vows. Vow to the Creator. Devote to the creator. Offer to the Creator yourself as an Instrument of the Creator's Will. You are a vessel of the Creator. All things are possible when you believe.

Perserverance/Will/Focus/Attention to Detail- Work the narrow path and you will receive what you work in return- blessings you earned.

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Metatron is my master guide

Did I ever tell you my 5D Master is Saint Germain (I have awareness), my 6D Master is the Lord of Sirius & Lord of Pleiadies in the University of Sirius & Pleaides(I have less awareness), my 7D Master is Lord Melchizedek (even less awareness), my 8D Master is the Cosmic Council of 12/Mahatma (only fragments of knowledge), my 9D Master is Archangel Metatron(even less fragments). The veil is keeping me mostly between 6D (Ra level) and 7D (Melchizedek level) right now. On very occasional moments do I pierce the veil higher than 7D, usually at 3D/4D initiations...

But anyway Metatron is one the paths I take toward the Creator and I am certain Enoch/Metatron are overlighting me, which would explain the mix of writing, wisdom and magic.

Metatron is also mentioned in the Pseudepigrapha, most prominently in the Hebrew/Merkabah Book of Enoch, also called 3 Enoch or Sefer Hekhalot (Book of [the Heavenly] Palaces). The book describes the link between Enoch son of Jared (great grandfather of Noah) and his transformation into the angel Metatron.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

David Wilcock on Coast To Coast AM 8/10/10

David Wilcock speaks with George Noory on Coast To Coast AM, 10th August, 2010

Palden Dorje/Christ Maitreya

Christ Maitreya calls for an Order to manifest Love & Light in this third density to acheive liberation.

It is my perspective that Palden Dorje is Christ Maitreya, the soul of Jesus Christ and Buddha, reborn again on Earth to show the path towards unity with ourselves, the Earth, and the Creator. He calls for an Order to manifest the Love & Light into our physical density to acheive libration (harvest). The Order of Melchizedek is manifesting more and more. It is up to us, each individual, to sow the seeds of love and unity. Only then, can others follow our actions and awaken. Only once enough are awakened can the full power of the 2012 shift manifest on earth and mass harvest happen. Do your best to be the Creator on earth, and your waves of creation will ripple throughout the cosmos. As you sow, so shall you reap.

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Missed this but probably attended in some etheric form. It had the same significance the last Harmonic Convergence did. More gates have been opened.....

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Meaning of Numbers

My interpretation:

1111 opening of a new portal

2222 middle of the process in a portal

3333 decision to be made

4444 resurrection/rebirth

5555 christ consciousness

6666 focus on the physical plane

7777 integration of mind/body/spirit

8888 infinity

9999 completion

1010 creation

1212 completion of a portal

9999 shows up almost daily, 1212 only on occasion. I find 1111 and 1212 have greater meaning for me.

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Story about a Hitchhiker

Picked up a hitchhiker today. Drove by the harmless old man the first time as I gave into fear and remembered movie formed beliefs of hitchikers carrying guns and carjacking. Then realized I wasn't driving near the prison, I was driving between two villages. The man was walking with a shopping bag with farmer fields in the background. So I prayed to archangel michael for protection and decided to lean on faith, exercising the law of one as I imagined myself walking with resentment another 3 km as cars passed by. Giving into faith and accepting him as one with me I turned around and picked him up and dropped him off in the town I was headed to anyway. He only wanted to go to the store and didn't have a car. Poor guy walked 3 km and had another 3 km to the next town. No one picked him up because they were not aware or they were stuck in their own self or they gave into fear formed by beliefs formed from movies, tv, and childhood. Ask and ye shall receive. It was a subtle test (they almost always are) but it brought me satisfaction that I was loving and was faithful to the Law of One and had faith in the Creator's love and was able to help the other self in the time of need.

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Life's Lessons

Anger and resentment are two of my lessons in life. Anger was caused by a lack of faith and resentment caused by a lack of satisfaction. Faith and Satisfaction (acceptance) open the inner heart and open the flow of energy to the upper chakras.

Anger is a disturbance that often sparks due to discomfort. It comes from feeling un-grounded and off-center. It comes from an overwhelming inbalance. Anger is a form of emotional communication, an energy that is powerful but is best channeled into pursuits involving energy. Sports, Dancing, Music etc etc. Anger is caused by an inbalance of the root chakra, sometimes sacral chakra. It is instinctual survival response (root chakra). Or, it may be sparked by relationships with others or our relationship with our self (sacral chakra).

The solution to anger is to find the heart, listen to the heart, express from the heart, and love dissolves anger. To listen to the heart, one has to know they are not alone. One finds faith. Faith that you are protected and that you are loved always. Faith opens the heart which unifies and dissolves first and second chakra blockages. The energy that was translated into anger by the lower chakras still remains, and that is best transmuted into physical activity to heal the physical inbalance and music to heal the emotional inbalance.

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We are like Trees

Some guidance about 'evolution' and 'ascension'

We are like trees as my friend Alvin once told me and Carla Ruckert's book confirmed. Our roots need nourishment and then we expand.

Now think of chakras- the earth feeds nourisment/energy to the root which feeds to the second sacral chakra of relationships (the stem/leaves) which feeds to the third chakra of will (the flower bud) which feeds the flower of the heart (love) which feeds the throat of expression (the beginning of fruit) which feeds the third eye (the fruit growing) which feeds the unity of the crown (the fruit is ready for harvest from the tree).

Each chakra, each need of each chakra is important. Not one more than the other. Each step of the way is needed for perfection. To get the most fruit from a tree you need big roots, big stems, lots of flowers, and thus lots of healthy fruit. Keep focus on all the chakras. Your basic needs of the body are as important as meditation. The law of the universe is balance. Balance free will, universal love, and unity of all creation and you have just witnessed the Creator within you.

Balance the flow of energy and nourishment throughout each chakra and you will feel the harvest approaching.

Here is a good read-

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Vow to the Creator

I have decided to take an even narrower path, or focus of consciousness:

Last night I made a vow to the Creator that I would stay in service to others despite the catalyst.

A re-affirming of focus and creation.

This vow is a personal vow to the Creator. It comes from your heart. All I ask is that each of you (due to free will), when the time is right and when you wish, also make personal vows to the Creator to be of service to others despite the catalyst (a catalyst may be generally summarized as a testing of your devotion to the Law of One)

Remember this quote as you encounter situations in life that test you- "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." ~Albert Einstein

Our future appears to me from my perspective as a forming of groups on the physical plane merging with the counterparts of the astral/inner planes and forming an alliance expressing the Law of One through all space and time and time and space. The unification of the whole.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

More about the Energy Body

This is in reference to the video The Energy Body and the Law of One in the last blog post.

Energy travels from the feet (negative pole) through the kundalini channel out the crown (positive pole). Energy moves in a spiral vortex motion as it flows through the chakras. If you are transmitting or receiving information to/from the inner planes you may feel vortex motion at the ears (minor chakras) or at the third eye/mind's eye. Additionally the crown is sometimes bathed in spiritual Light and it prickles as energy movement is felt. The mind's eye and above/near the ears throb as well. A physical earth counterpart of the energy you receive can be likened to the northern or southern lights (energy bathing) and earthquakes/volcanoes (kundalini rise and flow of energy). I have noticed that energy bathing happens when light is not completely grounded, and it grounds in the hands and feet and enters the feet and flows upward when it is fully grounded. Our energy bodies are designed to take in only what we need.

Our energy bodies may store ungrounded energy from spiritual showers/bathing in our fields until we have reached a level of purity for manifestation of the light packets on earth. At that point the energy enters the feet and flows through the chakras. It is interesting that our upper chakras (crown, third eye, throat) can detect energy from the inner planes even when it has not entered our body but exists in our fields. The lower chakras cannot detect the energy until it has entered our body. The heart chakra is the main attractor of energy outside our bodies/from the inner planes. If the heart is enlarging, the energy is attracted to our fields and we feel energy close to us via our upper chakras. If the heart has reached a level of purity, the energy will enter the feet cleanse the lower chakras, enlarge the heart chakra further and cleanse the upper chakras. As spiritual light enters it brings the purity of your soul/monad. The more pure your chakras are due to influx of light, the more your crown opens like a flower and the more whole you become.

You may ask, why we don't receive the energy all it once? Think about the sun and sunlight. Too much sun would burn everything up without grounding/integration of sunlight. But gradual sunlight will heat up slowly without causing damage to the body (to a point) and allow for integration of sunlight. Kind of like the difference between a tan and a sunburn. The same is with Light and your bodies (physical and etheric). As above, so below.

Update to this blog 8/10/10- I just read a fascinating chapter from Carla Rueckert's book- Living the Law of One 101: The Choice available at It is about how the chakras exist in both the outer world and inner planes. The lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus) are related to our mind and body and its functioning in our physical world and they are found in our space/time. The heart chakra has an outer and inner "courtyard." The outer courtyard (space/time) is related to the physical world and being loving on the physical world. The inner courtyard (time/space) of the heart chakra is related to loving unconditionally and deeply loving yourself and forgiving yourself and others. It is related to facing your shadow side and giving it unconditional love. It is overcoming judging and being accepting. The inner courtyard of the heart chakra is connected to the inner planes (time space). So the heart chakra exists in both the outer (space/time) and inner worlds (time/space). It is the gateway to the upper chakras and the inner planes, the world of intuition and spirit. The throat, mind's eye/third eye, and crown chakra are the upper chakras and relate to the inner planes (time/space). They are accessed through spirit, intuition and the gate of the inner heart. This would explain why energy is received in the body first in the lower chakras (space/time) but first felt through the upper chakras (time/space) since the energy is coming from the inner planes (time/space) and manifesting into the outer physical world (space/time).

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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Energy Body and the Law of One

This video describes the energy body, how it is connected to the physical body and how energy is received from the energy (or light body) into the physical. Also contains a discussion of the law of one.

More information found in Carla Ruckert's book Living the Law of One: 101- The Choice available at

May you all be blessed.

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