Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Living Light by Chris Comish now available in India

Someone asked me if the Living Light book was available to be shipped to India.

I found a website where you pay in Indian Rupees and it is shipped to your address in India

Here is the link for the Living Light

http://www.20north.com/The-Living-Light/product/?mid=1&pid=0557602882 (hardcover)

http://www.20north.com/The-Living-Light/product/?mid=1&pid=0557422558 (paperback)

Also available from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.fr (english book section), Amazon.de (english book section), Amazon.co.jp (english book section)

What is the Living Light? The Living Light is a collection of most of the attunements I have prepared plus how to channel, an invocation for the archangels, about axiatonal lines, planetary & cosmic ray attunements, and more. Available in hardcover or paperback versions. The books are mediums for storing the attunements and for sharing them with anyone- those without internet access, and those who can read (or you can tell them the words to say through speaking and they will receive if they cannot read). The attunements have no expiration date. The books can pass to your children and grandchildren and the attunements can be received by them when the time is right when they wish.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stepping into Purity

A year ago, there was a vision. I was entering Golden Gates into a white light heavenly place. There were great numbers of white and purple robed beings, all standing and clapping as I entered. A celebration had begun. I recognized this as Shamballa. It was a place of joy and purity.

I longed to grasp the moment again.

Recently, exactly one year and one month following the vision, I was working in my day job and created many awards for volunteers in my organization for all the sacrifices and selfless service they provided to support each other through hard times. It was natural to create the awards because it was an act of loving service. After all 22 people were recognized at the awards presentation, suddenly suprising me and quite unexpectedly my boss turned around and said it was my idea to create the awards and provide the awards to the volunteers. I am a humble person and naturally love helping others behind the scenes. This was very surprising to me. Suddenly the group stood and clapped all around me, thanking me for everything. I was so shocked and didn't know what to say except...."Thank you. You all are great."

Suddenly I recognized this image of the audience in my 3D expereince matched the 5D view I had a year earlier on the inner planes. The location was earth and not Shamballa, but the group's actions were the same.

What does this mean? Is heaven here on earth now, some just haven't "realized" it? Is this a sign that 5D is merging and manifesting within 3D now? Has anyone else had experiences in waking life that matched visions from the inner planes/other dimensions viewed earlier?

This felt as a completion moment for me and thanks go to All That Is for every opportunity to be of great universal loving service to all beings.

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