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The Gift of Ascension

Revelations of Archangel Michael There are seven levels (or worlds) of consciousness through which humanity must travel in order to attain graduation — a goal that is earned by your own spiritual growth and ethical actions. During our daily life on Earth, the term "graduation" generally means elevating ourselves higher from one form of study to another until a particular learning experience is perfected or a higher level of qualification is achieved. Within this concept of learning and achievement, heaven and Earth are not so different. However, spiritual graduation is measured by the vibratory frequency of the energy you hold or maintain, which is different than that of mere intellectual knowledge. The important point here is that graduation is not the quick act of ascension, but an ongoing awakening that you must apply each day in order to perfect yourself by releasing all negative thoughts and actions. Only by utilizing the positive inclinations of higher consciousness c

Reiki protection postage stamps now available

Ensure your mail is protected and arrives in one piece! Your mail will receive 24 hour a day protection from this Cho Ku Rei postage stamp charged by Reiki Master Chris Comish. Reiki protection postage by ReikiFanStore Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.