Sunday, August 28, 2011

Purification for you

Purification of the viewer of this video

I intend that all of the Archangels and Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Ascended Masters as well as the Mahatma, Lord Melchizedek and the Cosmic Council of Twelve perfect assist in this process that each of the viewers of this video are perfectly purified for each viewer's highest and greatest good.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Should I love the Dark ones?

Question? Is sending love and light to someone who is Dark a violation of their free will? Would this be considered a psychic attack on them? Does this energetic exchange create a karmic debt that must be resolved?

Answer: Sending love and light is an act of loving kindness within the Buddhist tradition (and others). The act itself is initially focused on individuals within our circle of acquaintance, yet ultimately expands to all creation. Ideally if our intention is true and pure it should begin with all of creation since we are all one. With that in mind there is no person who is Dark, it is only our perception of them and there is only someone who has yet to realize their own unity with creation. Love only knows giving. It does not expect any return so is therefore an act of no-karma.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

love and light experience

So, I was meditating and decided to channel Mahatma Ascension Reiki into my heart chakra. Suddenly I was floating in my Qan Dek lightbody through the energies of the Mahatma and I arrived at the Cosmic Council of Twelve (which is really far away vibrationally....they are somewhere in the Core of the Universe, near our Source). Sanat Kumara was also joining me in his lightbody and I saw Archangel Metatron in the center of the circle and Archangel Michael was on the side. The Council was dressed in brilliant white robes and I could not see their faces, they were Light under the robes, cloaked because of their brilliance even in front of my light body. Wow. They did not have any clear gender. I asked to be of service to all beings and if they could provide a Divine dispensation of their energies for myself, the earth/gaia and all beings. They agreed. Then I was interrupted in my meditation by a family member and shifted back to my earth body but felt buzzing afterwards. I wonder what they are going to gift us?

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angels saving another life

So I thought the title of this blog might sound appealing. I am writing this because an oracle card reading application on Facebook suggested that I write about it.

Here is the reading:

Chris pulled the 'Universal Connection' card using Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards!
Universal Connection - Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards
The guidance you are now receiving is truly Universal. Take time daily to connect with your guides and Angels. They wish to connect with you as much as you wish to connect with them. They are working very closely with you and you are being encouraged to... journal at this time. This is a Great story you are writing. It is your personal story and it is unique to you and only you. Write poetry to express the emotions you are feeling. Write down your dreams and synchronistic events that occur. This card calls for putting your connection and experience with Spirit into writing.

Well yesterday was an experience to write about.

First of all, Reiki and prayer do help. At the time of the Norway massacre on the island, I was at home watching breaking news flashes about a gunman opening fire on the students. At that point my prayers and Reiki shifted from the Oslo bombing to the Island massacre. I intended the Archangel Michael protect people from all harm and all ill will and activated the 4 basic Usui Reiki symbols on my hands and flowed healing energy to the situation. My hand hurt, it was feeling warm and swelling with lots of energy flowing to the situation. It turns out, at the time I was sending the energy, Brevik was shooting and killing people on the island. Well, 70+ deaths is a hard thing to swallow, and my heart goes out to everyone involved in the situation. But there were 600-700 of teens on that island. It is possible the love and light sent enabled many lives to be saved and the attacker did run out of ammunition and get arrested.

We may never know the full impact of our actions, but prayer and Reiki do make a significant difference.

So then this brings me to yesterday's big story: A collar bomb was attached to a teen and had the potential to kill her and everyone in the neighborhood in Sydney, Australia. Here is the initial story I posted:

This was huge and the situation could use some Divine help. So I posted this news story to my Facebook page to recruit more friends helping send love and light to the situation.

Immediately I invoked Archangel Michael and his warrior angels for her perfect protection from all harm and all ill will and sent Reiki her way to diffuse the situation to enable the Police to diffuse the bomb and rescue her.

My first post: "lots of light flowing, she needs your protection now, I intend she is perfectly protected from all harm and the police are able to defuse the bomb perfectly without harm to anyone. AA Michael we call on you now. Make it so."

Following that, many other Reiki healers and masters joined in.

I set the intent that it is received as long as the situation needs it, regardless of how long I sent it.

I kept reminding myself, Archangel Michael will take care of this, have faith. AA Michael also responded in my third eye with the same words.

Then I checked back 6 hours later.

Then a news article posted that she was freed! I wrote: ..........She is freed! Thank you everyone! Thank you AA Michael! We made a difference and through Divine Love and Light helped the Police save her life!

Today it was discovered that the bomb was even a hoax. and they found a USB stick containing an email address of the perpetrator.

So the love and light Reiki sent and the invocation of Archangel Michael's help saved her life, diffuse the "bomb", and even began the steps for the Police to find the intruder.

Never underestimate the power you have to make a difference, even from a far away distant land in a different time zone.

Love and Greetings to all of you my brothers and sisters.

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