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Prayer to the Creator

Oh Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is discord, let me sow union, Where there is hatred, love, Where there is despair, hope, Where there is darkness, light, Where there is doubt, faith, Where there is sadness, joy. Lord, let me seek not to be understood, But to understand, Not to be loved, but to love, For it is in consoling that we are consoled. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. It is in giving, that we receive, and It is in dying, that we rise to eternal life with thee. - St. Francis of Assisi * * * * *

Love and Free Will

My recent comment on another network: Blessings to you whatever views you's all the nature of this density. All beings deserve Love. Separation is a creation of our choices. The Love constant and the Free Will curve. That is the duality paradox that we live in this density. Know that you are constant Love and the Free Will choices of others flow about you like the wind. They are as various as the wind. Don't try to change the wind...let it flow around you. Keep being the constant Love. That's all you do. Example- I was driving home from work. The person behind me passed 3 cars (including my own) at high speed against the oncoming traffic. One car suddenly appeared around the corner and was about to hit the speeding car head-on. I covered th...em in AA Michael's blue light and prayed to Archangel Michael for their protection. Suddenly their speeding car barely fit into the lane and the other car missed them. They had the free will choice to do what they wa

Ghost purification

Sorry if I am not online much. Recently I served as a mover of our household with a rented moving truck to our new apartment. There is still some stuff left in the old apartment and I will be taking daily trips after work to pick up the rest. Currently internet access is primarily at my work, in which I have little time to access, except during lunch breaks. We should be setting up broadband internet at the new apartment within the next 2 weeks. Last night I had a dream. It actually seemed like an OBE. It wasn't very dream like and involved my conscious thinking process. There was a very sad, upset, moaning/wailing middle aged woman in the spirit world that was contacting me. She contacting me previously a few years ago and I forgot about it and never did anything in return to communicate with her. This was very interesting because it was after we moved into the new apartment. There is some stong energy connected with changing real estate with her. She was obviously a ghost or so

Purification of Osama bin Laden

Last night I performed the purification ritual for Osama bin Laden. As with all other purification rituals I have performed, they take place in the void also called purgatory. It is the meeting place between areas. It is the separation between heavenly realms and hell realms. It also contains a tunnel which leads to Earth. It is a place of reflection, a place of decision prior to returning to the wheel of life, a place where many who pass that are not of heavenly or hellish vibration remain until they make the decision to return to Earth. In the void there are portals to the heavenly realms and also to the hellish realms (they are on different sides of the void). It is all a matter of vibration in the afterlife. The purer lighter vibrations of the void head towards the heavenly realms, and the denser heavier vibrations head towards th hellish realms. It appears the heavenly realm inhabitants only enter the void when asked. The hellish realms inhabitants are blocked by vibration from

Purification and Dreams

First of all, Gaddafi's youngest son, Saif al-Arab was killed in a bombing. I performed the purification ritual on him. As I completed I thanked Medicine Buddha and Quan Yin. Then I called for Archangel Michael to escort him into the Light (entering the Light enters the Master Vibration of God which releases all negative implants, templates etc). He looked very scared but was happy to be blessed. Archangel Michael was standing with his usual 8 foot tall stature. He was standing in front of the portal. Then he looked and noticed something. Chasing Saif was a large firey hell hound. Archangel Michael saw it and quickly escorted Saif into the portal of Light, then blocking entry to the portal he pulled out his blue sword and beheaded the firey hell hound before it could catch Saif. It instantly disappeared and Archangel Michael entered the portal and closed the portal. I was watching the spirit realm actions from Earth. As I fell asleep I asked that my human body be filled with my o


Sisters and Brothers of the Light, I am contemplating something but cannot find the answer. I will try also to find the answer in the Ra/Q'uo materials. First of all I finished my blog entry: Second it led to me to read about Auschwitz which led me to this story: I had tears in my eyes reading this in which I received a comment from someone on Facebook - .... why did u cry? u seem very very very impressed!!! in which I answered - I imagined myself in their place....I do not know why I cried...recognition of the love and strength they showed for others despite the exterior difficulties and sadness for all the harm ever caused by the SS...maybe a recognition of part of myself.....I will contemplate this...very good question Why am I sad in reading this material? Is it my great compassion for all beings? Why am I sad? it sadness from seeing the