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City of Shamballa Scheduled Maintenance Oct 17

For COS members- a message from our provider Ning: We wanted to let you know that your Ning Network will be affected by some performance-related maintenance we are performing starting today, October 17th at 12PM Pacific Time. We will be moving a batch of networks to a new, upgraded server. During this maintenance, your Ning Network will not be accessible and will display a branded maintenance page during the approximately 5 to 60 minutes of expected downtime (depending on the size of your network). Please note that the date and time that your network will be affected by this maintenance will vary, but the expected downtime length will not change. Most networks will only experience a few moments of downtime.

The City of Shamballa in 2013

There has constantly been talk about December 21, 2012 being the end of the world. If you believe that, please excuse me if I offend you. It is my opinion that the world will not end. It will embark upon a journey, which it has been on since at least the publishing of Dr. JJ Hurtak's book, The Keys of Enoch® if not before when Dr. Usui first received a Reiki attunement on Mount Kurama. The opening of December 21, 2012 is the fully grounded opening of the next Golden Age which will continue for many years to come. This marks the begining of the official merge between space and time and time and space. What does this mean? Ascended Masters will be working closely with incarnated initiates. Polarized consciousness will go to the background in favor of Universal Love. Right now the battleground is for our minds. Constantly we are provided media stories and advertising with subtle messages to be judging and separative. These are the last throes of the so called "Dark Forces."