Friday, October 19, 2012

The Earth Gate movie rights are for sale!

Ok my book summary is posted for movie scouts on if you are a producer we can work a movie deal. This week I upload epubs for all of my books (except Tamil, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian translations that don't work for epub format) to the City of Shamballa for sale directly on the site under the Store link (search for epubs area). Google should be updating my book descriptions as we speak on Google Play. Next week I begin writing the screenplay for the book and then after when it is done post it at writerspitchbook; amazon studios,,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Calling Authors and Musicians of New Age-related work

If you are an author or musician or a reader/listener and want to recommend great works to share with others, send me an email with the title at com5corp(at) so I can add the works to the City of Shamballa featured products listing at

It helps both of us, your products are advertised and the City of Shamballa website becomes more interesting to members.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

City of Shamballa Scheduled Maintenance Oct 17

For COS members- a message from our provider Ning: We wanted to let you know that your Ning Network will be affected by some performance-related maintenance we are performing starting today, October 17th at 12PM Pacific Time.

We will be moving a batch of networks to a new, upgraded server. During this maintenance, your Ning Network will not be accessible and will display a branded maintenance page during the approximately 5 to 60 minutes of expected downtime (depending on the size of your network). Please note that the date and time that your network will be affected by this maintenance will vary, but the expected downtime length will not change. Most networks will only experience a few moments of downtime.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Chris Comish's book updates

Busy busy...just learned it is almost impossible to get a book to a movie without swarms of agents (literary & film including the backing of a big publisher)...but I have a few tricks up my sleeve: #1 is marketing my pitch to the entertainment industry based on book to film adaption. #2 Amazon Studios has an option of uploading a screenplay, so once I finish a screenplay of my book I can move into option 2- for those thinking to start making a screenplay off my book and beat me to the chase- sorry but I own the copyright to my book and have the rights to make the screenplay, unless you are a screenwriter and want to buy the rights? then we could negotiate. Anyway, Amazon acts like the agent (middle person) in that case (#2). Considering Amazon's weight and also that they just signed an agreement with Warner Brothers, if I work both routes #1 / #2 simultaneously it might get somewhere. PS on another note, my books are trickling into Google Play. Over the next few weeks I will upload epub files for all of them. So I welcome a new retailer (Google)!

The last Earth Gate paperback was approved for distribution to retailers. Once the audiobook comes out (Nov-Dec 12), the Earth Gate will be fully published.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The City of Shamballa in 2013

There has constantly been talk about December 21, 2012 being the end of the world. If you believe that, please excuse me if I offend you. It is my opinion that the world will not end. It will embark upon a journey, which it has been on since at least the publishing of Dr. JJ Hurtak's book, The Keys of Enoch® if not before when Dr. Usui first received a Reiki attunement on Mount Kurama. The opening of December 21, 2012 is the fully grounded opening of the next Golden Age which will continue for many years to come. This marks the begining of the official merge between space and time and time and space.

What does this mean? Ascended Masters will be working closely with incarnated initiates. Polarized consciousness will go to the background in favor of Universal Love. Right now the battleground is for our minds. Constantly we are provided media stories and advertising with subtle messages to be judging and separative. These are the last throes of the so called "Dark Forces." This is what the polarized mind sees. As we have grown in Shamballa, we see lots of free will trying to impress free will and forgeting the love. As we seen through un-polarized eyes, the Dark Forces want our attention. From the standpoint of love, Love is the parent and free will is the child. Free will is birthed from love but love encompasses much more. Remember apply love with free will and you have a solution. Remember love is the way, love is the key to our universe. It is the glue to heal all wounds.

What is the City of Shamballa's future? Well it will last as long as I live, if not longer once a future business structure is formed to continue paying the hosting fees and domain name renewals. The City of Shamballa is making efforts to extend spiritual knowledge and initiation to global audiences worldwide. The Earth Gate, a story of a human turned master who comes back to save Humanity from Dark Forces to allow it to ascend, is getting distributed. The Earth Gate is coming out as an Audiobook soon. I have begun marketing the Earth Gate to Hollywood. If a movie comes out, a massive flood of new members will join. Be prepared for a global awakening.