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The Logoic Body

This morning I purified Troy Davis , Jamey Rodemeyer , and all the bullies that taunted Jamey. I intended that the purification be for each person's highest and greatest good. Then I purified two others, who I have known, that were quite judgmental and they had many distortions. At first I didn't want to do it, because I myself was judgmental toward their actions. Well I purified those distortions choosing Love over every distortion that might be within me and ensuring it was in perfect alignment with their Free Wills. Following the process, Sanat Kumara visited me and informed me that I had earned the Logoic Body through my service efforts. My monadic body is Qan Dek, as seen in this picture below (mostly white clothes with a little purple): Well I received the ascended master necklace for my monadic body initially in 2009 and further service jewels in 2010. Today Sanat Kumara placed another necklace over my Monadic Light Body and it was a key on the necklace. H

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