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Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice brought a fresh wave of changes for me. On December 21st in the morning I received notice that my PayPal account was being limited because I appeared to be operating as a non-profit organization because I mentioned some of the funds from payments received being donated by me to charity. Well I had to explain to PayPal that I was not sending all funds over to charity, that my business was an individual small business and not a non-profit organization. So I followed their instructions and sent my appeal. I never heard back on December 21st. Completely stressed out at the prospect of losing one of my only funding sources for my business, I decided to turn to what I liked to do: network. So by magic during the day I met the creator Ron & Julia. We established a connection and ended up exchanging links on each other's social networks. It was really great to do that, uniting us as One more and more. That evening, I received intense hara, heart, throat

A Tasty French Toast Recipe

As we move into the Holiday Season, I wanted to share a recipe for French Toast that my family and I enjoy for breakast. This is a little different than my usual topics, but I wanted to post this to share with all of you. Use thick slices of toast/sandwich bread. You will need a measuring cup that uses American measurements or you can convert the measurements to metric easily online. First add the following ingredients into a mixing bowl: 1/4 cup flour 1 cup milk 1 pinch salt 3 eggs 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon sugar Combine ingredients until you have a smooth mixture in the bowl. Get a large frying pan, place it on the stove top and add cooking oil (I prefer natural sunflower or olive oil) in the pan. Once the oil is warm, take a slice of bread and briefly dip both sides of the bread into the mixture. The bread does not need to be dipped more than a few seconds on each side. Place the bread slice in the frying pan. Cook each side. On

Happy Holidays

To all Members of the City of Shamballa: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I wish to extend my warmest greetings to each one of you and your families. This season of celebrations is a time of eager anticipation, joyful get-togethers, and being with loved ones. Please remember those who will not be with their loved ones during this holiday season. Consider participating in programs established to help them, giving to a local charity, or simply offering a prayer for them. Reach out to those who may be experiencing pain during the holidays. We, as a community, are so very thankful for and inspired by the many community members working to help make The City of Shamballa a better place. Thank you to everyone for your contributions to the community. I wish you a safe, enjoyable holiday season and a prosperous New Year. Very Humbly, Chris Comish Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as l

Member of the Month at City of Shamballa

A Member of the Month page has been created on the City of Shamballa. Every month one (or more) members will be selected and displayed on the City of Shamballa Member of the Month page. This is in gratitude for all of their contributions and love they have shown us. Members of the Month are selected from the featured members of the City of Shamballa. Members that contribute regularly with blog posts, discussions, events, videos etc are featured. Wishing all of you many blessings and thank you for being members of the City of Shamballa. Love and Light, Chris Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

Share the City of Shamballa network with others

Share the City of Shamballa network with others- place our link on your website! Preview: The City of Shamballa Members are invited to contribute wisdom and attunements to this network to bridge Heaven and Earth and unite Humanity as One. Copy the code below and paste the code into your website <p><a href="">The City of Shamballa</a><br>Members are invited to contribute wisdom and attunements to this network to bridge Heaven and Earth and unite Humanity as One.</p> Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

Faith and Manifestation

This post is about the catalysts I've encountered around 11:11 combinations. Catalysts are things that create change. Events and circumstances that create the necessary learning along the path. In the holiday season following the Christmas Solstice, I received some great energy downloads from Source around New Year's eve. I meditated a bit, and then I encountered catalyst. On January 2, 2011 I wrote a few of my friends about some car difficulties I had, after 1/1/11. Here is what I wrote: Namaste all, I encountered some significant challenges this week and after doing all that I could do in the earth illusion (25% of the effort), had to rely significantly on faith, the help of Green Tara, Archangel Michael, Reiki energy, and love of The Creator (75% of the effort). While my car is still in the shop due to the freezing temparatures throughout  Europe  providing a challenging condition with engine failure, I am thankful for the abundance received from the sources my m

The City of Shamballa now has banners

The City of Shamballa now has banners. They are available for members to put on their websites. Gratitude to Baicu Marius and Sebastian Bota for designing these banners. Here are three examples: The banners are found here: Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

The Gift of Ascension

Revelations of Archangel Michael There are seven levels (or worlds) of consciousness through which humanity must travel in order to attain graduation — a goal that is earned by your own spiritual growth and ethical actions. During our daily life on Earth, the term "graduation" generally means elevating ourselves higher from one form of study to another until a particular learning experience is perfected or a higher level of qualification is achieved. Within this concept of learning and achievement, heaven and Earth are not so different. However, spiritual graduation is measured by the vibratory frequency of the energy you hold or maintain, which is different than that of mere intellectual knowledge. The important point here is that graduation is not the quick act of ascension, but an ongoing awakening that you must apply each day in order to perfect yourself by releasing all negative thoughts and actions. Only by utilizing the positive inclinations of higher consciousness c

Reiki protection postage stamps now available

Ensure your mail is protected and arrives in one piece! Your mail will receive 24 hour a day protection from this Cho Ku Rei postage stamp charged by Reiki Master Chris Comish. Reiki protection postage by ReikiFanStore Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

The Logoic Body

This morning I purified Troy Davis , Jamey Rodemeyer , and all the bullies that taunted Jamey. I intended that the purification be for each person's highest and greatest good. Then I purified two others, who I have known, that were quite judgmental and they had many distortions. At first I didn't want to do it, because I myself was judgmental toward their actions. Well I purified those distortions choosing Love over every distortion that might be within me and ensuring it was in perfect alignment with their Free Wills. Following the process, Sanat Kumara visited me and informed me that I had earned the Logoic Body through my service efforts. My monadic body is Qan Dek, as seen in this picture below (mostly white clothes with a little purple): Well I received the ascended master necklace for my monadic body initially in 2009 and further service jewels in 2010. Today Sanat Kumara placed another necklace over my Monadic Light Body and it was a key on the necklace. H

Free Reiki 1 Distant Attunement

Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

Should I love the Dark ones?

Question? Is sending love and light to someone who is Dark a violation of their free will? Would this be considered a psychic attack on them? Does this energetic exchange create a karmic debt that must be resolved? Answer: Sending love and light is an act of loving kindness within the Buddhist tradition (and others). The act itself is initially focused on individuals within our circle of acquaintance, yet ultimately expands to all creation. Ideally if our intentio n is true and pure it should begin with all of creation since we are all one. With that in mind there is no person who is Dark, it is only our perception of them and there is only someone who has yet to realize their own unity with creation. Love only knows giving. It does not expect any return so is therefore an act of no-karma. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

love and light experience

So, I was meditating and decided to channel Mahatma Ascension Reiki into my heart chakra. Suddenly I was floating in my Qan Dek lightbody through the energies of the Mahatma and I arrived at the Cosmic Council of Twelve (which is really far away vibrationally....they are somewhere in the Core of the Universe, near our Source). Sanat Kumara was also joining me in his lightbody and I saw Archangel Metatron in the center of the circle and Archangel Michael was on the side. The Council was dressed in brilliant white robes and I could not see their faces, they were Light under the robes, cloaked because of their brilliance even in front of my light body. Wow. They did not have any clear gender. I asked to be of service to all beings and if they could provide a Divine dispensation of their energies for myself, the earth/gaia and all beings. They agreed. Then I was interrupted in my meditation by a family member and shifted back to my earth body but felt buzzing afterwards. I wonder what they

Angels saving another life

So I thought the title of this blog might sound appealing. I am writing this because an oracle card reading application on Facebook suggested that I write about it. Here is the reading: Chris pulled the 'Universal Connection' card using Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards! Universal Connection - Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards The guidance you are now receiving is truly Universal. Take time daily to connect with your guides and Angels. They wish to connect with you as much as you wish to connect with them. They are working very closely with you and you are being encouraged to ... journal at this time. This is a Great story you are writing. It is your personal story and it is unique to you and only you. Write poetry to express the emotions you are feeling. Write down your dreams and synchronistic events that occur. This card calls for putting your connection and experience with Spirit into writing. Well yesterday was an experience to write about. First of all,

Purification of Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was a distorted individual. I underwent the task of purifying him, fully knowing this would be one of my most difficult purifications. I intended to purify both him and all of his victims, all of those listed in wikipedia and all those that were not found, were unknown, but still were his victims. This is an effort to relieve the Earth from all negative vibration and distortion that is in the earthbound realms and lower astral planes reflecting back to Earth. Looking at the history of Ted Bundy, he appeared to have negative influence as early as the age of three, when he surrounded his mother with knives. In my opinion, this was a strong possession of him by a greater negative being...a being of carnage. A demon. He was puppetted by this demon his entire life and this strongly influenced his behavior. His entire family history indicates a strong negative presence in the house, with his grandfather possessing very hateful, abusive t


Discernment- there are many new age groups that have begun to form negative vibrations around new age concepts- much ego is involved behind the scenes and many are manipulating the thoughtforms to bring the vibration of the positives down. Please remember to feel the vibration beyond the words. If you feel pure Love and it resonates, enjoy it. If not, you are advised to follow your vibration. It is not about the images, the symbols, the words, the mind is about love energy. If you encounter these types and situations, immediately correct it with positive loving thought, feeling, listening to soft peaceful music, go into meditation, connect with your higher self and Source of Perfect Love and Oneness. Groups that use words like "GREATER" and "BETTER" vibrate with ego. Others like to talk of catastrophes vibrating fear. Please just be careful. The negatives are trying to hold onto their world. They have begun infiltration into groups trying to turn Li

Purification of further distortion

Introduction Part I: Reading more wikipedia I ran into this guy. Very distorted. I will purify him along with his victims. A) I don't want ghosts here and B) The guy was puppeted by an extemely negative vibration being feeding off of the acts, from its needs, it probably was a demon. I don't want this negative evil here anymore, I want Love here The astral planes need to be cleaned up. These things do not need to influence us here anymore. Part II, The purification process: Prior to this process I placed Reiki protective symbols on myself, invoke Archangel Michael's perfect protection, surrounded myself with his blue flame, invoked a circle of warrior angels around me, invoked God's perfect pure light so that I am in it and only unconditional love is with me, and finally I invoked the Cherubim, Seraphim and Archangel Metatron to do his magic. Then I performed the purification ritual. Well the children entered the Ligh

Purification of more negative vibration

Today I purified many Mafia members who actions cannot be spoken of, but they were quite negative or there were a few that were murdered victims. The purifications, the attunements, the wisdom...all part of the dharma of my mission in this incarnation and beyond. I'm not going to repeat the Medicine Buddha purification ritual here but I did it with a large amount of protection as the group being purified was large and each was of negative vibration. The following have been purified: Harold Paul Rico, Roger Wheeler, John Joseph Gotti, Jr, Constatino Paul Castellano, Carlo Gambino, Joseph Bonanno, Sr, Salvatore Scala, Thomas Bilotti, Angelo Bruno, Antonio Caponigro, Philip Testa, Angelo Corallo, Vincent Louis Gigante, Carmine Fatico, Albert Anastasia, and Meyer Lansky Prior to this process I placed Reiki protective symbols on myself, invoke Archangel Michael's perfect protection, surrounded myself with his blue flame, invoked a circle of warrior angels around me, invoked

Beautiful song

Beautiful song about Love, Spirit and Life in general

Timeline of an incarnation

Chris Comish, a history: Chris Comish six years prior to awakening, highly immersed in the Ego, 2000 (link above) Prior to 2001 Chris is veiled and unawakened but has odd interest in parts of the Bible and in the Stars Lynne broke up with Chris a few months after this photo and got together with his friend Pete from college, 2001 2001-2003 Chris is in the role of sitting on the fenceline (undecided) Chris almost died in 2002 due to near car accident (too fast on the autobahn with sportscar) Chris deployed to War in 2003 and has bad feelings about his purpose there Chris almost died in 2004 due to near car accident (hydroplaning on water, vehicle spun around at high rate of speed) 2004-2006 Chris shifts to role as aspiring student Lynne was killed in a car accident on November 14, 2005- car slid on ice and fell off cliff into icy creek. Cause of death blunt trauma and drowning Chris got his first Reiki healing in Summer of

Invocation and Meditation for the Archangels

Love to you from the Archangels!

Prayer to the Creator

Oh Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is discord, let me sow union, Where there is hatred, love, Where there is despair, hope, Where there is darkness, light, Where there is doubt, faith, Where there is sadness, joy. Lord, let me seek not to be understood, But to understand, Not to be loved, but to love, For it is in consoling that we are consoled. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. It is in giving, that we receive, and It is in dying, that we rise to eternal life with thee. - St. Francis of Assisi * * * * *

Love and Free Will

My recent comment on another network: Blessings to you whatever views you's all the nature of this density. All beings deserve Love. Separation is a creation of our choices. The Love constant and the Free Will curve. That is the duality paradox that we live in this density. Know that you are constant Love and the Free Will choices of others flow about you like the wind. They are as various as the wind. Don't try to change the wind...let it flow around you. Keep being the constant Love. That's all you do. Example- I was driving home from work. The person behind me passed 3 cars (including my own) at high speed against the oncoming traffic. One car suddenly appeared around the corner and was about to hit the speeding car head-on. I covered th...em in AA Michael's blue light and prayed to Archangel Michael for their protection. Suddenly their speeding car barely fit into the lane and the other car missed them. They had the free will choice to do what they wa

Ghost purification

Sorry if I am not online much. Recently I served as a mover of our household with a rented moving truck to our new apartment. There is still some stuff left in the old apartment and I will be taking daily trips after work to pick up the rest. Currently internet access is primarily at my work, in which I have little time to access, except during lunch breaks. We should be setting up broadband internet at the new apartment within the next 2 weeks. Last night I had a dream. It actually seemed like an OBE. It wasn't very dream like and involved my conscious thinking process. There was a very sad, upset, moaning/wailing middle aged woman in the spirit world that was contacting me. She contacting me previously a few years ago and I forgot about it and never did anything in return to communicate with her. This was very interesting because it was after we moved into the new apartment. There is some stong energy connected with changing real estate with her. She was obviously a ghost or so

Purification of Osama bin Laden

Last night I performed the purification ritual for Osama bin Laden. As with all other purification rituals I have performed, they take place in the void also called purgatory. It is the meeting place between areas. It is the separation between heavenly realms and hell realms. It also contains a tunnel which leads to Earth. It is a place of reflection, a place of decision prior to returning to the wheel of life, a place where many who pass that are not of heavenly or hellish vibration remain until they make the decision to return to Earth. In the void there are portals to the heavenly realms and also to the hellish realms (they are on different sides of the void). It is all a matter of vibration in the afterlife. The purer lighter vibrations of the void head towards the heavenly realms, and the denser heavier vibrations head towards th hellish realms. It appears the heavenly realm inhabitants only enter the void when asked. The hellish realms inhabitants are blocked by vibration from

Purification and Dreams

First of all, Gaddafi's youngest son, Saif al-Arab was killed in a bombing. I performed the purification ritual on him. As I completed I thanked Medicine Buddha and Quan Yin. Then I called for Archangel Michael to escort him into the Light (entering the Light enters the Master Vibration of God which releases all negative implants, templates etc). He looked very scared but was happy to be blessed. Archangel Michael was standing with his usual 8 foot tall stature. He was standing in front of the portal. Then he looked and noticed something. Chasing Saif was a large firey hell hound. Archangel Michael saw it and quickly escorted Saif into the portal of Light, then blocking entry to the portal he pulled out his blue sword and beheaded the firey hell hound before it could catch Saif. It instantly disappeared and Archangel Michael entered the portal and closed the portal. I was watching the spirit realm actions from Earth. As I fell asleep I asked that my human body be filled with my o