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Essene Healing Session

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The Astral World

This is my summary of the interesting book Witness from Beyond I recently read. The book is out of print and hard to find. So that I am within the free will of copyright, I will gather the themes of the book that caught my attention and then discuss them in my own words. 1. Higher planes of consciousness are not "higher up there" but rather "finer". They are vibrationally finer, quicker, smoother...they are not dense or slow. 2. The world of the other side is only a change of condition. As water exists as ice, liquid, gas, so do the other realms exist concurrently and overlap each other. The other side, afterlife is not visible to our physical eyes because of the wavelength of the energies but it is visible to our third eyes and in meditation and during the dream state. Just as radio waves are not seen does not mean they do not exist. 3. Each overlapping realm exists together. There are "dead" people and living people able to exist in almost the sa

The Time-Space journey

As I am busy writing a resume for a job I am applying for, the technology curve has increasingly continued behind the scenes. Now my resume is uploaded into a computer system, scanned by a computer, ranked by a computer, and then somewhere in the process my name comes out as "output" so someone can call me for an interview. As I am preparing for my US income taxes and filing online again this year I have already typed some numbers into a website in California and then they will mail a 1099 to someone for me. When I shop for food, I can self checkout and not even talk to a person. I have created an item for Amazon and had its bar code instantly created for me somewhere in the US and emailed to me as a pdf to add to my products. We seem to be glued to our smartphones more and more, and often are with earphones in listening to mp3 music. Our body senses seem to have been replaced. I honestly can say we have already begun moving out of our bodies for our new consciousness bodies.

City of Shamballa Scheduled Maintenance Oct 17

For COS members- a message from our provider Ning: We wanted to let you know that your Ning Network will be affected by some performance-related maintenance we are performing starting today, October 17th at 12PM Pacific Time. We will be moving a batch of networks to a new, upgraded server. During this maintenance, your Ning Network will not be accessible and will display a branded maintenance page during the approximately 5 to 60 minutes of expected downtime (depending on the size of your network). Please note that the date and time that your network will be affected by this maintenance will vary, but the expected downtime length will not change. Most networks will only experience a few moments of downtime.

The City of Shamballa in 2013

There has constantly been talk about December 21, 2012 being the end of the world. If you believe that, please excuse me if I offend you. It is my opinion that the world will not end. It will embark upon a journey, which it has been on since at least the publishing of Dr. JJ Hurtak's book, The Keys of Enoch® if not before when Dr. Usui first received a Reiki attunement on Mount Kurama. The opening of December 21, 2012 is the fully grounded opening of the next Golden Age which will continue for many years to come. This marks the begining of the official merge between space and time and time and space. What does this mean? Ascended Masters will be working closely with incarnated initiates. Polarized consciousness will go to the background in favor of Universal Love. Right now the battleground is for our minds. Constantly we are provided media stories and advertising with subtle messages to be judging and separative. These are the last throes of the so called "Dark Forces."

Free Will Spheres

I have been contemplating this recently, as several events have been happening for me this week. I had some wake up calls that reminded me that sometimes spirit has to find the easiest way around the mind and allow it to flow like water around the rocks. We live on Earth so do not be dismayed when others do not accept your views or ways. Earth is a density that is further from Source than other densities. It is more dense because it is further away from Light. The Light, The Source is all encompassing Love, and enormous oneness, a "glue of the universe". This Light cannot be mistaken or "copied" by other shapeshifting false ones. The key element is encompassing Love. You know you belong and you feel it and you are drawn to the Light, propelled there. There is no mind involvement in the process, it is spirit attracted to Spirit. It is. And you sense it. Anyway, this encompassing Love and Light birthed our realm and it densified as it grew further away from Sour

The City of Shamballa website was temporarily down

On September 10th the City of Shamballa website was temporarily down for 4 hours due to the domain name provider Go Daddy being temporarily down. Here is what happened: According to one source speaking to ZDNet, GoDaddy's DNS servers are not resolving forcing many websites offline. In many cases, even if the site is not hosted by GoDaddy itself, the DNS servers are down and cannot point the user to the correct page. Some parts of the website appeared to be working again at 4 p.m. ET. At just after 6 p.m. ET, GoDaddy said in a tweet that it was "still working" on the ongoing issues and that the firm was "making progress." Source Last night I sent Reiki to the situation and invoked AA Michael and the warrior angels to resolve this perfectly for the highest good of all. I checked today and City of Shamballa is back up! Thanks to the Divine for helping Go Daddy! Nam

Some good news

The good news is finally all of the proofs of the Earth Gate paperbacks have been ordered (Hardcover, 6 x 9 paperback, A5 paperback, massmarket paperback and pocket size paperback). Once I receive them, they will undergo intensive review prior to going to retailers. Also The Earth Gate ebooks are available on Kindle and at NOOK and iTunes. Also there are 1440 members in the City of Shamballa . Also renewed some of the websites pointing to the City of Shamballa and its Amazon Bookstore. Working on getting an Audiobook created for the Earth Gate book. Stay tuned.

About entities and 2012

All about entities: (Good information) About 2012 (Another perspective) Some films to watch

May 2012 Members of the Month at the City of Shamballa

It is a pleasure to announce the May 2012 Members of the Month at the City of Shamballa. A big thumbs up to all of you who make the network great! Check out the Members of the Month at

Invite your Friends to the City of Shamballa

Hi everyone! Invite your friends to the City of Shamballa. There are 1200+ members already! 160+ attunements and lots of love and wisdom found on the network. Visit the invite page at Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

April 2012 Member of the Month at the City of Shamballa

It is a pleasure to announce the April 2012 Member of the Month. I wish each of you many blessings this year. Love and Light to all of you. I know, at the time of this post it is early..but I didn't want to announce it on April Fool's day. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

An Amazing Higher Self Experience

This post is transcribed from Marius Baicu 's experience meeting his Higher Self. Currently he is away from a computer and asked me to post this for him. His email follows below. ------- hello, thank you for answering my question :D it is great. i took today a third healing session (Alpha Omega) and felt the energies at new levels :D , more deeper now. i want to talk about a special personal experience and to ask something but please read only when you have some free time. :) i wrote a few lines :D 1) I started one -two months ago to feel something and don't know what it is. At first i started to have amazing sensations when traveling, starting from my legs and up thru entire body, a blazing ligth usualy having all colours in it but white -violet- blue more stronger i shoud say. The sensations lasted usualy one minute or 5. But the light once appeared start to grow and actually feel the energy vibration on my skin. When reaching the hearth chackra there was profound

Two great chapters from the Law of One

THE SPIRITUAL PEACE CORPS DEALING WITH NEGATIVITY Great grounding to help propel you forward in love, faith and service in these changing times Very healing for me to read these two chapters after watching the same characters play different roles in events reported by the news

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What could be

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February 2012 Member of the Month

Dear Members of the City of Shamballa, It is a pleasure to announce the February 2012 Member of the Month. Check out the Member of the Month page at I wish each of you many blessings throughout 2012. Love and Light to all of you. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

After-Life Movies and the Realms they depict

Here are a handful of movies I've watched and the realms they depict: Earth: Sixth Sense, What Dreams May Come, Hereafter, Jacob's Ladder, Lovely Bones, Ghost, Resurrection, Enter the Void Earthbound: Sixth Sense, What Dreams May Come, Hereafter, Jacob's Ladder, Lovely Bones, Ghost, Resurrection, Enter the Void Void: What Dreams May Come (His Wife's Suicide After-Life) Lower Astral/Hell: What Dreams May Come, Jacob's Ladder, Ghost (dark things that cross over into Earthbound to take the 2 criminals to where they go next) Astral: What Dreams May Come, Lovely Bones, Hereafter (on way to Light), Resurrection (on way to Light) Heavenly Realms: What Dreams May Come, Lovely Bones(at end), Resurrection (in Light), Jacob's Ladder (at end), Ghost (at end) Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.