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April 2012 Member of the Month at the City of Shamballa

It is a pleasure to announce the April 2012 Member of the Month. I wish each of you many blessings this year. Love and Light to all of you. I know, at the time of this post it is early..but I didn't want to announce it on April Fool's day. Copyright © Chris Comish. This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

An Amazing Higher Self Experience

This post is transcribed from Marius Baicu 's experience meeting his Higher Self. Currently he is away from a computer and asked me to post this for him. His email follows below. ------- hello, thank you for answering my question :D it is great. i took today a third healing session (Alpha Omega) and felt the energies at new levels :D , more deeper now. i want to talk about a special personal experience and to ask something but please read only when you have some free time. :) i wrote a few lines :D 1) I started one -two months ago to feel something and don't know what it is. At first i started to have amazing sensations when traveling, starting from my legs and up thru entire body, a blazing ligth usualy having all colours in it but white -violet- blue more stronger i shoud say. The sensations lasted usualy one minute or 5. But the light once appeared start to grow and actually feel the energy vibration on my skin. When reaching the hearth chackra there was profound

Two great chapters from the Law of One

THE SPIRITUAL PEACE CORPS DEALING WITH NEGATIVITY Great grounding to help propel you forward in love, faith and service in these changing times Very healing for me to read these two chapters after watching the same characters play different roles in events reported by the news