Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Protection from Black Magic- a method

Black magic and dark entities use fear and separation as their tools. Fear is created from an un-awareness of Love. Separation is created from an un-awareness of unity or oneness. Fear like Love exists due to the duality/free will nature of our sector of the universe. While in this density, the choices will always remain as we exist in this density to make choices. That is the primary purpose of this make choices that either separate through fear or unify through love. Choices of one path or the other as an expression of the Creator through duality.

When you feel scared, it is often from a feeling of helplessness or being alone. It comes mostly from being unawakened to reality of more than what you see with your senses. So, focus on having strong support, that you are on a team...Because You Are! Rest on the loving support of the multitudes of angels, ascended masters, cosmic universal beings of light, your higher self, God and many many other beings who watch you all the time and care very deeply for you. Focus on the love that surrounds you and the love that comes from within, your higher self and the spark of God that is always there. It is your choice. The Light exists but it is up to you what you focus it is your choice here.

Focus and visualize all these beings in the same room as you. Because they are. They are here for you. They love you with an intense compassion for you and enjoy supporting you...because you are some of them as they are some of you. You have loving support. You are not have power beyond your comprehension here for you. Why should you fear? You have unconditional love with you. You are unconditional love. There is nothing to fear, it is illusion of separation. It is illusion because you know and feel love and unity and support with you always. You have faith because you have a deep knowing.

Now as black magic tries to strike you- call upon Archangel Michael and the many beings I have listed above. Visualize them around you in a circle of protection and love, absorbing all the black magic and transmuting it into love. Visualize a forcefield of etheric light surrounding you. You are bathed in love. Visualize God, Source, The Creator standing with you in the center of the forcefield radiating eternal love and light outwards to all existence. You are with the sun of all suns and nothing will harm you. You are perfectly protected and you rest in that feeling of love always. Visualize great love being reflected back to your attacker. Bathe them in love, visualize them being freed of their separation and fear. Visualize their fear and separation breaking up in the sea of love. Send them powerful waves of forgiveness....I forgive you and love you deeply as I love all beings. Bathe them in light. You neutralize the power of their tools. Continue to rest in deep love, the support of great love and purity beyond all words. You are that love and purity.

Eventually they will give up and make a free will choice for another target. It is their form of expression. But maybe, and have great faith that it is true and done, maybe you changed them and they choose to unify in oneness and love.

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  1. Love this ty 4 sharing and reminding me. I've once known as rainbows and unicorns has been feeling not this way at all.