Saturday, April 2, 2011

Channeling April 2, 2011

About Focus

(Chris/Qan Dek): Why all this training to focus, finish tasks, and pay attention?

(God & Great Cosmic Beings of Light): You are being trained to focus. You may ask yourself why? You have abundant mental energy. In the physical density it can be a distraction. But on the other side of the veil, increased mental energy moves things. Thoughts are as powerful there as your form is here. You are being trained to focus to direct your energy on your path. You chose spiritual service and all of us are here to support you in the service in this form and beyond.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Thank you Father

(God & Great Cosmic Beings of Light): Trust. Your words are my words. All is well. Have faith that we are here to support you always.

(Chris/Qan Dek): I'm starting to channel! Thank you Father!

(God): You are welcome. You are blessed.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Is this really the Father?

(God): Yes it is. I have many aspects.

(Chris/Qan Dek): I'm so excited I could write it all down!

(God): Continue writing. Continue your focus. You are doing well. Have faith you are well on the path.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Can you give me advice about 2012?

(God): I cannot give you advice about specific dates. The portal you and the entire collective are going through is magnificent and glorious. You will be amazed.

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