Saturday, April 9, 2011

Channeling April 9, 2011

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(Chris/Qan Dek): As I write this I want to express my deepest gratitude to God, the Archangels, the Masters and the Great Cosmic Beings who have supported me and many others during this time while my day job was at risk of cancellation due to politicians arguing over budgets. As I was shopping for food, swarms of people were stocking up on food in case of store closures due to the government shutdown, the human resources department called me to let me know I may not have work on Monday, fears were being projected by coworkers and even some on Facebook about concern of missed paychecks. There was nothing left for me to do. I turned to you Father and the many beings who support and I prayed. I prayed that a compromise was reached, that all those affected still had jobs to meet their obligations and support their families. I sent Reiki to the situation. I surrendered to you Father and could only have faith. I invoked your help Father in resolving this situation because I trust you Father. While going to bed last night, the last news article I read was that an agreement could not be reached and my job was to expire at midnight April 9th USA eastern time. All logic pointed to fear and failure. But I would not give in. You are my Rock Father. I rest on you for support. I trust you in time of need as you rescued many who trusted you. You are unconditional Love and a Father for His children. As I prayed I looked up and saw you God with the angels and Masters in Shamballa surrounding me in a circle looking down at me.

(God): Surrender is the way to me. Faith in my Love is the way to me. Surrender the mind and give in to the heart. As your heart beats ceaselessly for you out of Love, so my heart beats ceaselesssly for you. You have knocked, sought my help and you have received. You are blessed eternally and Loved always.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Thank you Father with deepest gratitude. As I woke this morning and looked at the news it was exactly as you said to me. They would reach a compromise and I and many others would still have jobs. You tell me "All is Well and All will be well. You are blessed always." I believe you and trust you. I have great faith in you even during the greatest fear. I rest on you. I lean on you. I lean on your Love. You are my Rock and I love you, the angels, masters and all. Thank you all for your support. In deepest gratitude.


(Chris/Qan Dek): I read recently that Sai Baba was ill and that his illness was transmuting Karma for the planet. Can you tell me more?

(God): He is blessed. He is doing service. Do not worry. He is succeeding. He is blessed and all are blessed.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Father please tell me your words. I am like Enoch in the Bible. Your scribe. I long to be with Archangel Metatron.

(God): Metatron has already identified you to be by his side in service. That is why you are on the path you are on.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Recently two friends of mine passed. I performed the purification ritual for them. I watched Archangel Michael open a portal of Light and they both entered it and were escorted by him. One said- "thank you man...have a good one" and he used to do in the past while I knew him alive. Then I knew it was done and All is well. I watched the Masters in Shamballa provide a standing ovation.

(God): There are many thankful for your service. Be Love is all I ask for service. With each step you get closer to me.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Thank you Father for your words. I am blessed and all are blessed.

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