Monday, May 9, 2011

Ghost purification

Sorry if I am not online much. Recently I served as a mover of our household with a rented moving truck to our new apartment. There is still some stuff left in the old apartment and I will be taking daily trips after work to pick up the rest. Currently internet access is primarily at my work, in which I have little time to access, except during lunch breaks. We should be setting up broadband internet at the new apartment within the next 2 weeks.

Last night I had a dream. It actually seemed like an OBE. It wasn't very dream like and involved my conscious thinking process. There was a very sad, upset, moaning/wailing middle aged woman in the spirit world that was contacting me. She contacting me previously a few years ago and I forgot about it and never did anything in return to communicate with her. This was very interesting because it was after we moved into the new apartment. There is some stong energy connected with changing real estate with her. She was obviously a ghost or something. She was very unhappy and seemed to meet me in the earthbound realm, which most of my OBE's take place. My dreams are mostly on the astral plane. First you cross through earth bound realm to get to astral plane (which includes the void) and then you get to the heavenly realms. But anyway, she was very very unhappy and at times she showed anger but was very imprisoned and behaved as if she was stuck. This led me to believe she was a ghost. I performed the Medicine Buddha purification ritual from memory and then asked Archangel Michael to escort her into the light. Then the OBE ended.

I saw the face but could not remember the name until I received a flashback of my time in Massachusetts visiting her town with my father (another connection of her to me). Suddenly a name popped into my head. Lizzie Borden.
After her tragic history connected to places and people and difficult life, it is quite logical she became a ghost because there was unresolved stuff in her life that she needed to stick to earth to resolve. Then she got stuck, fixed only on Earth and unable to find the Light, and she became a ghost. Maybe she sensed my spiritual abilities and clung to me, I am not sure. But regardless, she has been purified and escorted into the Light.

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