Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love and Free Will

My recent comment on another network: Blessings to you whatever views you's all the nature of this density. All beings deserve Love. Separation is a creation of our choices.

The Love constant and the Free Will curve. That is the duality paradox that we live in this density. Know that you are constant Love and the Free Will choices of others flow about you like the wind. They are as various as the wind. Don't try to change the wind...let it flow around you. Keep being the constant Love. That's all you do.

Example- I was driving home from work. The person behind me passed 3 cars (including my own) at high speed against the oncoming traffic. One car suddenly appeared around the corner and was about to hit the speeding car head-on. I covered th...em in AA Michael's blue light and prayed to Archangel Michael for their protection. Suddenly their speeding car barely fit into the lane and the other car missed them. They had the free will choice to do what they wanted...I was the constant Love intending their protection. A life was saved that day and all is well. Universal Law of Return keeps the balance among our free will lives. No need to dwell on free will just is. And it is always changing. Like the wind. Love is what unifies us. Not free will. Focus on radiating Love. We are the glue this planet needs. We are the Love, the balancers, the Tao. Free will, while useful from the perspective of expression does sometimes lean against another's free will and create friction. What is the answer? Understand the free will is perfect in its unique way and that the situations need the constant of Love to balance. So when you see chaos around, know it is the free will nature of this density. And if you want to know your service here and to be free of chaos be the constant Love amid the chaos caused by free will. Your love will unify us all.

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