Monday, May 2, 2011

Purification and Dreams

First of all, Gaddafi's youngest son, Saif al-Arab was killed in a bombing. I performed the purification ritual on him. As I completed I thanked Medicine Buddha and Quan Yin. Then I called for Archangel Michael to escort him into the Light (entering the Light enters the Master Vibration of God which releases all negative implants, templates etc). He looked very scared but was happy to be blessed. Archangel Michael was standing with his usual 8 foot tall stature. He was standing in front of the portal. Then he looked and noticed something. Chasing Saif was a large firey hell hound. Archangel Michael saw it and quickly escorted Saif into the portal of Light, then blocking entry to the portal he pulled out his blue sword and beheaded the firey hell hound before it could catch Saif. It instantly disappeared and Archangel Michael entered the portal and closed the portal. I was watching the spirit realm actions from Earth.

As I fell asleep I asked that my human body be filled with my oversoul and purified. I intended to be a vessel of Divine Will and Divine Love. I intended to release the human self for the Divine Self. I felt my monad entering my feet and squeezing into my finite body. Then I fell asleep.

As I slept I had 3 dreams.

Dream # 1

I forgot I was to get an award and was reminded by my boss that my award presentation was to begin downstairs in 9 minutes. When I arrived I was the last of 2 awardees. An entire crowd was in a large room including many higher ranking/prominents in the audience. I had a black overcoat on but I forgot my pants and had only shorts on. As my name was called I was concnetrating only on hiding my exposed legs. I got to the front and bowed before the presenter. It was a formal function. They gave me the award. I said thank you (the audience waited for a speech) but I quickly left the audience because of my discomfort with only shorts on. Afterward, I didn't know what the award was for, I read the certificate in which very much love was put into the writeup. I decided on my own accord in the past to donate blood during a blood donation at my work. It turned out, unknown to me, that I was the perfect match for someone who was dying and needed blood. I saved their life without knowing it and was a hero. My boss stopped by and asked how the presentation went and I said it was good. Then he said if anything needed changing on the award certificate to let him know. I said it was perfect.

My interpretation: The exposed legs were self explanatory. Last night I forgot to wear my pajama pants and my legs were cold. This was disrupting the dream and returning me from the dream world/astral plane to my cold human body. The award was maybe symbolism for the reward for work of spirit being done on Earth, costing much of my own blood but saving lives.

Dream # 2

I was watching a long line at the bank. A father was there with his teenage son. The teenage son wanted to do what he wanted and argued with the father that he wasn't always going to do what his father wants. The son wanted to leave the bank and the father said for him to stay in the line. I blessed them both and invoked Archangel Michael's protection for each, balancing the situation as much as could be done.

Interpretation- this dream is filled with duality, with an audience. I am to perform Earth service despite the audience/perspectives of the Earth's inhabitants and perform unity despite the dualistic nature.

Dream # 3

I dreamt I was on a busy bus full of people. I saw an angel sitting with each person. The people didn't notice the angels but they were smiling at me.

Interpretation- the angels are here with us to protect us and wait for us to ask for help, even if we don't seem to notice them.

I woke up this morning and saw the news that Osama bin Laden was killed. I will not let duality and the mind win in this interpretation. Although many are celebrating his death, I may remind you Al Qaeda celebrated the death of the Western nations' populations. So may I ask you in this situation, who is the murderer? The answer is easy...both. The bombs killed Pakistanis and Afghan families, as did the World Trade Center bombing and all the military losses in the wars. So we are in the tennis match of duality. It is similar to my dream. From each angle one is correct in their own way. I advise you to step back from duality and enter unity. Unify the forces, don't take sides. The solution to release of separation and duality is universal unconditional Love. So I will be performing the purification for Osama bin Laden tonight as I would for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld if they passed. I performed it for Saddam as I would for Gaddafi. I perform it for the vicitms of war and the oppressors. I perform it for anyone who passes. Why? All beings deserve Love. The purification ritual invokes the master vibration, releasing all that is not it only helps. As we purify those that are deemed "dark" we purify the sections of us that are deemed "dark" which separate us. As we purify others, so we purify. As we release others from duality, so we release ourselves. We are all One, and since we are One...what we do to others is done for us.

Wishing much Love to all of you,
Chris / Qan Melchizedek

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  1. When you go to graduation you shall not have a grade of 100% of service to others. However, the Creator seems to grade on a curve here. If you even have 51% of service to others, you are ready to graduate. Each time you consciously choose to serve others, you have moved above 51% and into positive polarization comfortably sufficient to graduate from planet Earth. The more habitual your realization of choices is and your determination to choose the highest road, the most compassionate and loving response, the more positively you will be able to affect the tuning of your energy body so that it vibrates more and more in service to others in terms of polarity.

    You shall never be able to untangle the good from the evil within humankind, my friends, because you, as a member of the human race, are both good and evil. You contain all the shades of virtue and vice within one global entity.

    By a series of choices, you have found ways to be yourself to the outer world and to yourself.

    - The Q'uo

  2. You are all things. Every thought. Every emotion. The Lover and the Murderer. The Tyrant and the Peacemaker. Only though your choice do you choose what to express and how to polarize.

  3. Thank-you for sharing, Chris. Last night was the night for dreams, angels, and apparently, Quan-Yin.

    I do not have your gift for sharing the written word - however - it is important to me that you know that there are those of us here - today - that are with you. And perhaps I need to know that there are those - like you - who are in turn: here with me today.

    Regardless, given the 'weight of the air' surrounding the recent global events (earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, and death: oh my!) I stand still.

    Still upon the ground that is. Still upon the heart beat of all that is. Still upon the knowledge that: "All is well."

    I cannot remember what it's like to feel the way that others do - however, I can only afford my social networking friends with a small and silent comfort.

    It is what it is. We are where we are.