Saturday, June 25, 2011

Purification of Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was a distorted individual. I underwent the task of purifying him, fully knowing this would be one of my most difficult purifications.

I intended to purify both him and all of his victims, all of those listed in wikipedia and all those that were not found, were unknown, but still were his victims. This is an effort to relieve the Earth from all negative vibration and distortion that is in the earthbound realms and lower astral planes reflecting back to Earth.

Looking at the history of Ted Bundy, he appeared to have negative influence as early as the age of three, when he surrounded his mother with knives. In my opinion, this was a strong possession of him by a greater negative being...a being of carnage. A demon. He was puppetted by this demon his entire life and this strongly influenced his behavior. His entire family history indicates a strong negative presence in the house, with his grandfather possessing very hateful, abusive traits. Whatever was feeding in the family house was very attracted and attached to Ted strongly.

Knowing this would be difficult I added multiple levels of protection prior to proceeding. First I invoked Archangel Michael's perfect protection from all harm and all ill will and visualized blue light of protection swirling around me 3 times. Then I used dai ko myo, cho ku rei, sei he ki and hon sha ze sho nen reiki symbols on me 3 times each. Then I invoked God's perfect Light and perfect Unconditional Love to be with me at all times and that God was One with me during this process and beyond, I visualized myself in a beam of White Light directly from God. Then I invoked a circle of warrior angels around me protecting me from all harm, then I added the Seraphim, Cherubim, Elohim..then I invoked Archangel Metatron to place a circle of symbols all around me....the star of david, the flower of life, metatrons cube. Then I invoked Lord Melchizedek and Great Cosmic beings and Masters of Shamballa for this process. I was ready.

I visualized the group in front of me. Ted was trying to escape the process back to the shadow. Back to a very tall shadowy demon with red glowing eyes. First I invoked a team of warrior angels to secure the demon and keep it from interfering. This process was like separating conjoined twins. Ted and the demon were powerfully connected. Next I invoked Medicine Buddha (using the mantra 3 times...teyata om behekadze behekadze maha behekadza radza sammungate soha!) and visualized Buddha over the crown chakra of each..then I started...Buddha of Signs, Sound, Gold, Glory, Ocean, Light, Medicine...each purifying each with the nectar of purification saying each name seven times. Then each was pulled by the hara chakra into Medicine Buddha's heart for purification (again using the mantra 3 times...teyata om behekadze behekadze maha behekadza radza sammungate soha!) . I watched huge white flames purify the group, Ted Bundy being purified the most. Each was perfectly prevented from being reborn in the lower realms. I thanked Medicine Buddha. Each person was glowing. Then I invoked Quan Yin to spread the compassion of God on each...Namo Quan She Yin Pusa 3 times. Quan Yin covered each with rainbow healing light. It was done. Each was perfectly purified.

Now I invoked Archangel Michael to escort each into the Light. The victims of Ted all walked into the Light quickly. Ted just stood there confused and didn't walk forward. I said (and I believe AA Michael repeated)....Ted, you have just been you want to go to the Light? He still stood there. I repeated....Ted, you have just been you want to go to the Light?...Archangel Michael stopped the process. Archangel Michael said to cannot go back to the regions were you were, you have two choices to go into the Light or to have your soul purified and re-created in the Pure All Loving Fires of Purification of God. Ted thought about the options and reluctantly walked toward the Light. Several healing angels came out the Light and gently nudged him to walk forward. They held his arms as he slowly walked forward. Ted said..."I will go to the Light...I don't know about it and I never was will be an adventure," he said with child-like excitement. The angels walked with Ted into the Light. Archangel Michael informed me that, "Ted will have to be rehabilitated in the Light and will go to one of the healing hospitals in the Light, it will be a slow process but he will recover. He lost many fragments of love and luckily through your intention, you saved him in time. He will be well now."

The demon stared at me angrily but was unable to reach me. The team of warrior angels pulled the demon back into the hellish portal. It resisted and looked for more targets/hosts but then was pushed into the portal by the angels. Archangel Metatron performed a special sealing ritual and closed the door to evil through special magic and symbols.

It was done. More negative evil has departed the planet and its influence is waning.

I thanked all of the beings I invoked. It was done. The beings of Light applauded happily at me.

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This may be shared freely, as long as this text remains intact.

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