Friday, December 31, 2010

Brightest blessings for the New Year

Dear beloved love/light beings,

May you all be blessed with a 2011 full of unlimited love, unlimited light, infinite and eternal blessings, the direct path to All That Is, and the meeting of the Creator in oneness and love. As we are well into the Definition as the Awakening as One trilogy suggests, know that this illusion is illusion which constantly changes and earth things are born and die everyday. But your love carries on. While things may fall apart around you, the smile and the kind words and other gifts you give universally to all during the chaos will be your stability and support. What you give shall always return to you, maybe not today or tomorrow but it will return. It never fails. The universe always balances itself. As you create in your reality, you send out a ripple. The ripple goes around and then comes right back to you with greater force. The faith in the Creator's love regardless of circumstance and gratitude for the love you receive will strengthen you. The challenges which appear to be your whole reality (or should I say 3D illusion) falling apart are actually opportunities for growth and transformation bringing your closer to 4th density and 5D and beyond. Be thankful for the opportunities to be of service. Providing love to all beings in service to all is your direct path through the fog of this illusion and what will support you as you transition from third density to fourth density and beyond.

Thank you for being All That Is for all of us. You are each infinite sparks of All That Is and infinite loving beings acting in a free will, veiled mind, physical illusion play to gather additional experience for the Creator and you are loved for all the service you provide to all beings which provides service to the Creator in return. See the Creator in others and you will see the Creator in yourself and then you will serve and be whole again.

Blessings to all,
Chris (aka Qan Melchizedek)

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