Saturday, February 12, 2011

Space Clearing


Yesterday morning as I drove to work- a van drove by with the word "Hatred" written in large letters on the back window with the license plate ending in 666. I thought to myself- I will not judge and prayed their forgiveness. Then I saw alain's comment on the city of shamballa which was synchronicity.

Last night I had a tour of tunnels under Bamberg. They were originally for mining, then they were filled with winter ice and became beer/wine coolers and other food refrigerators for during the year (before the refrigerator), then they became factories underground and air raid shelters during WWII. During the tour, the tour guide talked about how 54 people were working underground one day when a bomb landed above the tunnel and collapsed it- killing all of them instantly. Suddenly I saw a blue-white colored shape drift into my third eye and it began to form the shape of a person. I called quickly for Archangel Michael's protection and then I didn't see it anymore. Later, as the tour ended, there was the area (now sealed off) where they all died. A cross was placed in their memory. Then we exited the tour and I realized the begining of the tour was exactly adjacent to the place where the cross was. I was being contacted! I prayed that Archangel Michael brings all those who passed into the Light and visualized the souls being escorted from the place they passed into White Light. Archangel Michael said "Do not worry, it is done." and placed his blue sword into the stone floor as blue spirals of Light emmanated from it. Then he smiled at me and faded away.

I often find that I offer spiritual clean up for the earth especially in trauma areas. I do this as service for all. No one wants ghosts hanging around- it's not good for those incarnated or those who have passed. Thankfully I have an ability to communicate and see the other planes with my third eye and the connections to spirit to help bridge. Angels wait for the call for help, the ghosts are many times stuck and unaware they can call, and most incarnated people don't call.

Just some experiences..


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