Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daily protection

Writing this blog to give you an idea of some daily protective rituals that I do.

You may choose to emulate or do you own.

Before I start my car I pray to Archangel Michael that I am perfectly protected from all harm and all ill will today for my highest and greatest good. I place the cho ku rei symbol on myself and watch blue light from Archangel Michael swirl around me 3 times. Then I repeat the process for my car, then for my wife, then for my daughter, then for my wife's car.

Then I drive and while commuting to work I place the cho ku rei symbols and blue light of Archangel Michael on those I feel that need it....if there are distortions or if there is imbalance. Examples: accidents, cars on the side of the road needing towing or help, people driving too fast/tailgating, trucks that pull out in front of fast moving cars etc. Also I do this for ambulances and fire trucks. If I see the people on the side of the road I will blanket them with symbols & light as well as their vehicles. For the accidents or injuries I will also pray and send Reiki to help their situations. Also during the day (and night), not just with cars but anywhere...people having trouble briefing their bosses at work, pedestrians crossing the busy road, bicyclists, anywhere where I see or feel imbalance.

Never has the protection failed. Many distortions have been balanced and successful outcomes achieved. Have faith you are here to be compassionate to your brothers and sisters. All is well. Each act of service you do is remembered.

Just a snapshot of what I do every day, wishing you the best of success in your service to others as well.


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