Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love all

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This is so sad. Distressed states of mind create distressed choices. I will be praying for her forgiveness and for all who passed. I call upon Archangel Michael to escort them all into the Light. All beings deserve Love. I don't care if it is a serial killer who passed. Yes Karma may lock them up while they are on Earth or in the after-life but they still deserve Love and Forgiveness.

Let me repeat for reference.....Heaven and hell are spiritual states of being. They are not static states but are states in which there can be growth and progress toward ultimate wholeness of being.

Comment from the news article re-posted...."My babysitter is friends with the Lashaunda's aunt. The family is distraut and can certainly do without all of the judgement. If the New York News printed OUR life story for others to criticize, t...hen maybe we would get an idea of the hurt that criticism brings. People do things because of their elevated mental state. Sometimes, people are convinced that (a horrible situation) is the ONLY option and painstakenly follow through, thinking that it's for the best. I have no doubt that she loved those babies. Keep in mind that she took her own life as well. It's all a horrible thing. Most people with a mental illness battle this on a daily basis. And they often feel that they've run out of options, which brings about a "slew" of psychological issues and bad decisions. I know this because that is my line of business in Atlanta. What we view as "making common sense decisions/taking responsibility" is not the same perception of someone in mental distress like this. This is a heartbreaking situation and my heart goes out to the 10 year old. Not only did Lashaun deal with the ongoing domestic issues, but now he must deal with this tramatic event. Folks, let's not display further hurtful, and insensitive ignorance on obvious psychological-related issues. Best Regards"

My response on the site- "I agree and will be praying for their forgiveness and protection wherever they may be. I don't care who it is or what the state of mind is. What is state of mind? It is as fragile as the rest of our bodies. People ...die everyday from cancers, diseases, not a single one person is so perfect that they cannot make mistakes or fall apart given certain conditions. I don't care who it is, there is a need and it is your chance to help. All people deserve love from another. Remember the words- what goes around comes around. Just be love."

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