Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sisters and Brothers of the Light,

I am contemplating something but cannot find the answer. I will try also to find the answer in the Ra/Q'uo materials.

First of all I finished my blog entry:

Second it led to me to read about Auschwitz which led me to this story: I had tears in my eyes reading this

in which I received a comment from someone on Facebook - .... why did u cry? u seem very very very impressed!!!

in which I answered - I imagined myself in their place....I do not know why I cried...recognition of the love and strength they showed for others despite the exterior difficulties and sadness for all the harm ever caused by the SS...maybe a recognition of part of myself.....I will contemplate this...very good question

Why am I sad in reading this material? Is it my great compassion for all beings? Why am I sad? it sadness from seeing the pain each other brings outside of heavenly it rememberance in her actions of something I am familiar of? Is it sadness for how love is treated by the opposite polarity? This is a deep question and it deifnitely has to do with sadness over separation from Love. ...what is your advice?

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  1. Great compassion for all beings, transform pain into love, faith regardless of exterior circumstances, freedom of the oppressed leading to unity of all beings.....these are all in my calling

    Where the sadness comes from? Recognition- my "Self" is seen as going through hard times in support of Love as I enter their roles. Maybe this is the death of the individual for the entering into collective consciousness? Sadness due to separation in this density. Longing for all to go home. Sadness of the absence of Love.

    I am here to transmute which is why the attraction to the vibrations.