Friday, June 24, 2011

Purification of further distortion

Introduction Part I: Reading more wikipedia I ran into this guy. Very distorted.

I will purify him along with his victims. A) I don't want ghosts here and B) The guy was puppeted by an extemely negative vibration being feeding off of the acts, from its needs, it probably was a demon. I don't want this negative evil here anymore, I want Love here

The astral planes need to be cleaned up. These things do not need to influence us here anymore.

Part II, The purification process: Prior to this process I placed Reiki protective symbols on myself, invoke Archangel Michael's perfect protection, surrounded myself with his blue flame, invoked a circle of warrior angels around me, invoked God's perfect pure light so that I am in it and only unconditional love is with me, and finally I invoked the Cherubim, Seraphim and Archangel Metatron to do his magic.

Then I performed the purification ritual.

Well the children entered the Light but for the first time this has ever happened, Albert was only a shell, he was completely eaten by the demon that possessed him so long, Archangel Michael told me that he could not be escorted into the Li...ght at this time but had to go through soul purification, as the demon ate him up to his soul level and the ties were severly severed. That is really too bad, but it is the best for all of us. So his soul will need to be purified and he will need to restart elsewhere. So he was sent elsewhere for soul healing and the demon, although viciously trying to attack was put back by Archangel Metatron to where it belongs, in hell regions far from here

The children victims were saved, no longer wandering the astral planes of earth. I did my best with Albert, but he had 65 years incarnated possesion and then he was possessed as a shell since 1935, his energy body was almost completely eaten and only at the soul purification level could he be saved.

Quan Yin informed me she will take an active part in his recovery process, providing him infinite love and compassion.

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