Friday, June 24, 2011

Purification of more negative vibration

Today I purified many Mafia members who actions cannot be spoken of, but they were quite negative or there were a few that were murdered victims.

The purifications, the attunements, the wisdom...all part of the dharma of my mission in this incarnation and beyond.

I'm not going to repeat the Medicine Buddha purification ritual here but I did it with a large amount of protection as the group being purified was large and each was of negative vibration.

The following have been purified: Harold Paul Rico, Roger Wheeler, John Joseph Gotti, Jr, Constatino Paul Castellano, Carlo Gambino, Joseph Bonanno, Sr, Salvatore Scala, Thomas Bilotti, Angelo Bruno, Antonio Caponigro, Philip Testa, Angelo Corallo, Vincent Louis Gigante, Carmine Fatico, Albert Anastasia, and Meyer Lansky

Prior to this process I placed Reiki protective symbols on myself, invoke Archangel Michael's perfect protection, surrounded myself with his blue flame, invoked a circle of warrior angels around me, invoked God's perfect pure light so that I am in it and only unconditional love is with me, and finally I invoked the Cherubim, Seraphim and Archangel Metatron to do his magic.

There were many astral beings and hell beings trying to stop this process- black death wolves, wormy hydra creatures but between the angels and Archangel Metatrons Metatronic Cube, Star of David and Flower of Life, the negative creatures went quickly back to where they belonged.

Those purified were crying in joy and were worn out much like I saw with the case of those in the SS I purified earlier. I mean Medicine Buddha and Quan Yin purified them, I only invoked their help and watched the process under the protection of Archangel Michael.

May the Divine Light increase and heal the darkness and unite all into the One. May separation be vanquished forever. Wishing you each Abundant Love and Joy.

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