Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Logoic Body

This morning I purified Troy Davis, Jamey Rodemeyer, and all the bullies that taunted Jamey. I intended that the purification be for each person's highest and greatest good.

Then I purified two others, who I have known, that were quite judgmental and they had many distortions. At first I didn't want to do it, because I myself was judgmental toward their actions. Well I purified those distortions choosing Love over every distortion that might be within me and ensuring it was in perfect alignment with their Free Wills.

Following the process, Sanat Kumara visited me and informed me that I had earned the Logoic Body through my service efforts. My monadic body is Qan Dek, as seen in this picture below (mostly white clothes with a little purple):

Well I received the ascended master necklace for my monadic body initially in 2009 and further service jewels in 2010.

Today Sanat Kumara placed another necklace over my Monadic Light Body and it was a key on the necklace. He invited me to walk to a door connected with Shamballa and I used the key to open it. Inside was a large purple overcloak, similar to what Sanat Kumara wears. He put it on me and placed the ascended master necklace with the jewels over the purple overcloak, like Sanat Kumara has. (Bear in mind, Sanat Kumara has a hat and rod of initiation that I do not have). It was basically my official entry into 6D consciousness and the new Lightbody I will be using in 5D existence, the Logoic Body. It was the beginning of the 8th level of initiation (see Joshua David Stone books). Basically I earned full ascended mastership today. In 2009 was my initial entry into mastership (planetary not higher)- 7th level of initiation, 2010 was my service efforts as planetary master and guide (up through 7th sublevel of 7th initiation). Now in 2011 I have become a master being prepared as a planetary chohan (initial entry into 8th level of initiation), following the footsteps of Saint Germain, Djwhal Khul, Joshua David Stone. There is still much training to take and much more service to do, but now I have received the Logoic body which enters into 6D consciousness and my next Light Body once I enter full 5D. I have requested to be part of the next ascension wave, and will continue to publish book translations and administer the City of Shamballa while I am in the physical body. But this is a big step ahead for me and it can only be reached and continued with efforts of expanded service to all beings out of love, oneness and in alignment with free will.

More shall be happening in the near future. Love and Light to all. Namaste.

PS. Posted on 9-22-11. 22 equals mastery and 9 equals spirit. 11 means opening portal.

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  1. Thank you brother, love , Light and Blessings

  2. Absolutely brilliant and amazing Chris, i wish you highest Blessings and Light on your journey home. Namaste, Deekod