Monday, November 14, 2011

Faith and Manifestation

This post is about the catalysts I've encountered around 11:11 combinations. Catalysts are things that create change. Events and circumstances that create the necessary learning along the path.

In the holiday season following the Christmas Solstice, I received some great energy downloads from Source around New Year's eve. I meditated a bit, and then I encountered catalyst.

On January 2, 2011 I wrote a few of my friends about some car difficulties I had, after 1/1/11. Here is what I wrote:

Namaste all,

I encountered some significant challenges this week and after doing all that I could do in the earth illusion (25% of the effort), had to rely significantly on faith, the help of Green Tara, Archangel Michael, Reiki energy, and love of The Creator (75% of the effort). While my car is still in the shop due to the freezing temparatures throughout Europe providing a challenging condition with engine failure, I am thankful for the abundance received from the sources my mind cannot even understand. Spirit has a longer view then the unconscious mind which has a longer view then the conscious mind. Many challenges are pre planned by the higher and greater self to test your devotion to faith and your ability to be responsible on earth. When you are weary and have done all the effort you can on earth in service to all beings, then you rely on faith and the Creator´s love in the thick veiled illusion then it shows your dedication even more to the Creator. This brings you face to face with the Creator and merges you closer to fourth density as the Law of One says. PS also saw 1111 and 1212 and Ra on license plates yesterday as I was stripped of all control of the conscious mind and had only faith left to rely on.

At this time, the head gasket in my car blew. My car was 45 minutes away from the dealer I bought it from. The warranty was only covered at the dealership. Through faith, prayer and action, miracles happened. It was towed for free to the dealer through thick snow and ice, then the dealer repaired my car paying 75% of the cost and leaving me with only 25%. The story is much more involved than that, but the solution was perfect.

Flash forward to 11:11. On 11/10/11, I dropped my car off to get fixed. There was something wrong with the engine again making a loud annoying rattling noise. I thought it was a timing belt failing. So I dropped it off for the timing belt. The dealer estimate was a 600 euro repair. The car will be done in 2 days. No, they didn't have loaner cars, but I was referred to the rental car place in the same building and got the dealer discount. Give me a break! That night I prayed fervently that the bill would be as close to the estimate as possible and invoked Archangel Michael's protection. I had nothing left but prayer and some action. God said to me, don't worry everything will work out for you, my word is golden. I kept trying to believe but I was so lost in the illusion. I still felt hopeless, I was waning in my faith. But I kept reminding my mind, you have prayed and God loves you. It will work out. So on Thursday night I took a chance and transferred money used to a pay a bill on Tuesday to my account to pay my car bill which I expected to pay on Saturday. Also I transferred the last money I had on my account saved for's hosting fees to my account hoping my book sales payment covers the fees next week. On Thursday I told my Mom about the repair. She offered to help. So she transferred a little money to me, but what happened was Friday was Veteran's Day and the banks were closed. On Saturday the banks did not do transfers. The earliest the transfer could go out was Monday. Guess what? My bill was due on Saturday I estimated. It was due before the money could arrive. That night I did some 11:11 meditations and decided my lesson for the 11/11 was the catalyst.

Well 2 days turned out to be 4 days over the weekend. The rental car bill just quadrupled. Now I was left with a 177 euro bill. Then my car was finally completed on Monday but the bill was 653 euro. 53 euro higher than the estimate. BUT, it was close to the estimate. On Monday morning, I dropped off my rental car then paid the rental car bill. But then I did not have enough on the account to pay the car bill, so I told them I would pick the car up in the afternoon (this allowed precious time for the transfers to arrive on my account). At 2 pm, my saved hosting money arrived. Then I had just enough to pay the car bill. A miracle! A prayer answered! I paid the high car bill with just enough money on my account. I got my car back, which sounds and runs much better now. Then I worried about my bill payment on Tuesday, as today was Monday and I already used the money to pay the bill for the car repair bill. Well, at 6pm on Monday, my mom's money arrived. It was enough to cover the bill on Tuesday. Suddenly everything worked out perfectly. My book sales payment is still scheduled to arrive this week to pay for the hosting fees of the City of Shamballa network for this month. Miracles and catalysts this 11/11/11 weekend. A test on faith, responsibility and manifestation. But thanks to the Divine and action, this test was passed. The lesson learned. Do all that you can, then pray pray pray. After that have faith have faith have faith. God loves you. Don't give up. It will work out when you do all that you can and then leave the rest up to the Divine. It always does. If it is a prayer with the intent to love, it will manifest.

Yeshua said to them, “Because of your unbelief, for amen, I say to you, that if you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you may say to this mountain, 'Move from here', and it will move, and nothing will be difficult for you”

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  1. One can only have a lack of faith by firstly placing the ego before the divine

    In surrender & through surrender one is made active;
    not idle
    not helpless
    not lacking

    the will of the divine you become
    the will of the divine I Am

    Not My Will, But Thy Will Be Done

  2. as amazing as it can be ... these tests keep coming ... attaching to the weakest parts of our being ...

    i am often so often taken to that point ...the one that I call "of non return" : being in such a corner that there is only one way left ..... giving my worries to the One ... yet to get there I have had to struggle and cry ...

    The Love of the One is unimaginable, unconfinable, in His Will is the unrevealed waiting to be acknowledged ...