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An Amazing Higher Self Experience

This post is transcribed from Marius Baicu's experience meeting his Higher Self. Currently he is away from a computer and asked me to post this for him. His email follows below.



thank you for answering my question :D it is great. i took today a third healing session (Alpha Omega) and felt the energies at new levels :D , more deeper now.

i want to talk about a special personal experience and to ask something but please read only when you have some free time. :) i wrote a few lines :D

1) I started one -two months ago to feel something and don't know what it is.

At first i started to have amazing sensations when traveling, starting from my legs and up thru entire body, a blazing ligth usualy having all colours in it but white -violet- blue more stronger i shoud say. The sensations lasted usualy one minute or 5. But the light once appeared start to grow and actually feel the energy vibration on my skin. When reaching the hearth chackra there was profound sensation of compasion, support, and a very profound feeling that i'm not alone in my journey..., all colours were practically exploding out of my hearth chackra thru everything around me. This happened few times folowed by a very calm state of mind.
After a few weeks i was out of my city walking at night on the street going to someone. At some moment it started the same but got so intense that at some moment a light, human shaped, stepped out of my body in front of me. The colour was pure white , very intense like i never saw energy before with purple edges, very pure. After making a step in front of me , never looked at me, jumped on a house in my right side and started to "walk/ jumping" on houses as i walked down the street about 40-50meters. This all time i felt even powerfull sensations comparing with the first 5 min ones. As an intersection camed across, i continued my walking but the light stopped and made a sign with one hand, i havent saw exactly what sign but i think it was a hand waving.

I reached my destination stayed about 2 hours and then leaved on my way back. I was a bit tired and not in the mood after the visit and i actually completely forgot about the light. As i reached the intersection , that street, suddently the light beying reappeared. I was very enthusiast to see again. This time after "walking/juping" on buildings only around 10m-15 he/she jumped in front of me and as i continued my walking entered into my body again. This encounter had the same wonderfull sensations as before and got me in the mood in a blink :)).

After this i continued having the sensations from time to time but didn't saw the light beying again until. One night i was reading and while i was reading in a blink the light exits my body again standing in front of me facing my monitor :D The colour were the same very pure white with purple on edges nd the sensations even stronger. I tried to ignore at the begining but after a few seconds the light started to look at he/she left hand moving his/her fingers. The look was very interesting because i felt that the light looked at me when looking at his/her hand, and looked inside me somehow like wanted to ask me something. But this whole moment was something that i cant describe in words :)) for a few seconds i felt i was floating in light forgetted about everything in that moment, i was filled with bliss and purity, compassion as he/she tried to ask me something.

After a few minutes entered in me again and i camed to reality again :)))) Since then i never saw the light again. I don't know what it was? i thinked at many posibilities like: A spiritual guide, an angel, a part of me...but i cant find the answer.

The moments were defintly the highest vibration i had ever felt. In that moments i felt completely healed at all levels.

I tried to contact the light again but i camed across one "barrier" the first 5 min fellings are weaker and can't rise them don't know why :((

What do you think it was? Can if be a guidance for creating a new energy healing system or was for me only? in case he/she reappears what shall i ask ?:D i have to state my questions from now because i get ecstatic in that moment and i forgot everything :))

Btw i left you a photo in the comments on that page. The light being looks like that :D but had no visible wings.

2) Why i don't get invitations to all your posts? Like this for example

Is there a site error or you just din't sent invites? Also regarding to this if i post something i can only invite friends ? how i can invite more members?

Thank you so much for your time and please excuse me if i wroted too much :)

Love &Light


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