Divine Healing Codes - Free and Easy

By Kyanite, City of Shamballa member

I found this useful link about Divine Healing Codes that any one can use to treat illnesses (physical, mental, emotional), improve their ability to communicate with spiritual beings, spiritual awakening, ascension, protection and much more.
The codes in the spiritual section are awesome!

Using them is easy. It says in the beginning how to use them. You can get creative and try different ways of using them. See how it works for you. Those of you who are sensitive to energy, may be able to feel the energy in them. You will get better at them as you use them more and more. Also, people with a higher level of vibration will get better results with them.

Do go through the info given before the codes start. The list of codes is not as long as it appears. Many codes are repeated, and that too more than once.

Check them out :



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