Wisdom- Steps to finding the Divine within

Pray to the Divine, have faith in the Divine 

Connect with the Divine (Meditation/Solfeggio frequencies/attunements/healing etc.) 

See the Divine using Higher Sight 

Communicate with the Divine telepathically 

Look for clues the Divine leaves- numbers, lyrics of songs etc. 

Surround yourself with Loving music and TV (romance/comedy are good)- This raises the vibration of your emotional body and subconscious. 

Surround yourself with Loving people. 

Be brave to lift a negative person up by helping them find Love (in alignment with free will). This lifts the vibration of the collective. 

Have right thought/mind, right words, right action. 

Keep healthy boundaries. Respect another and respect self. 

Reciprocate- Give Love and Receive Love. 

Every day have an affirmation- Today is a great day, all is perfect, all is well, all will be well, Today I am happy, Today I make others happy- This heals the mental body and the subconscious. 

Be love to self and others (forgive self and others, help when you are able, respect free will (Free Will just is) 

Slow down the mind using Mindfulness- Stay in the present moment- It is the only moment where our physical bodies exist. The present moment has the only power for conscious decisions. The past and future are the realm of the subconscious but not the conscious. Embrace the present moment. See the beauty of the present moment as a child sees (with awe for God's grace and God's beauty). 

In the present moment, consciously recognize that life is full of lessons (opportunities). This allows you to face karma and cleanse it quickly. Don't worry if you did not respond correctly in a situation, that situation will spiral back. Same lesson with different characters or scenery. You will have another chance to solve the situation. Each lesson is an opportunity for selflessness or selfishness. Each choice you make in the lesson encourages your pull upwards or downwards. A momentum builds. You attract the outer experiences in life reflected by your inner nature. 

Remember there is always someone above you and below you. Follow the middle way. You can always learn from others and you can always help another by lifting them up. 

Listen more than you speak. Acknowledge each other. Be love in alignment with free will. Respect others. Love your neighbor as yourself. Golden Rule. 

Realize we are all connected and all one. What we do to another ripples through the universe and comes back. 

Share in the banquet of Life together. Lead another to God in alignment with their free will. Never force your views on anyone. However if they ask for help or guidance then guide them. Realize we are all equal brothers and sisters destined for the Divine (in each's own time, as their free will allows). 

Equally love all beings. Equally respect free will. Remove all ego and pride. We are all in this together. 

We are all equal Divine sparks of God. Look into the eyes of another. When you see their soul, or your own soul, looking back, you're in higher consciousness. We're all connected. (From Vash Narain Reiki on Facebook and so true) 

Be compassion and empathy in action. Be generous and you attract prosperity. Be satisfied and have gratitude and you attract prosperity. 

Only Divine Love and Wisdom exist (Buddhic). Only Divine Thoughts exist (Atmic). Only Divine Will exists (Monadic). 

Be love, do good works on Earth, every situation is an opportunity to Love. Fall in love with love. 

Total surrender to God. Not my will but Thy will. Total surrender of all separation to God. The lower thoughts, feelings, and physical body are all illusion (their separation from God). 

The truth is Divine Will, Divine Mind, Divine Heart/Love/Wisdom, Divine Completion and Divine Unity. The truth is your Higher Self and The Divine inside and outside everywhere. All is One. All is Love and Light. 

God's Grace be upon you always. The Love and Light of our Creator be upon you always. I appreciate each of you. I bow to the Divine in each of you. Thank you for all that you are. Shine on my brothers and sisters! 

Chris / Qan Dek


  1. Be universal love--radiating towards no one object or person in particular but, like the sun, shining on everything in its path ~ Buddha

  2. We all have good and bad seeds inside of us, it depends on which seeds we water, that is what we grow and harvest ~Thich Nhat Hanh (paraphrased from a recorded teaching)

  3. Energy follows consciousness. Also known as Where Intention Goes Energy Flows. Focus on selfless Love to open the heart chakra then focus on selfless Love expression and then surrender to Divine Will. The Kundalini will purify the root then sacral then solar plexus then heart through throat through third eye chakras, this opens the crown chakra. Kundalini is felt as pressure and heat as it moves through the chakras.


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